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Features – What our windows can do for you

What features should your dream window have? Find out more.


The potential for savings is enormous.

Do not compromise on the insulation for your home. Schüco windows guarantee you maximum energy efficiency. This is how you ensure markedly lower heating costs. You can make further savings with targeted ventilation. Here too, Schüco has the right solution.

Maximum insulation values

With Uf-Values from 0.8 to 1.6 W/(m2K, Schüco windows achieve maximum thermal insulation values. These outstanding values, e.g. in the area of metal fabrication, are achieved through an enlarged insulation zone with foam-filled insulating bars, an optimised centre gasket and a new type of thermal insulation in the glazing rebate.

You can save:

For a family home with a surface area of 143.8 m2and a window area of 26.4 m2, which was constructed in about 1980 there would be, with Schüco AWS 90.SI+, a saving of 51 kWh/(m2a) or 730 litres of heating oil per year. The consumption of 730 litres less oil reduces CO2 emissions by two tonnes per year.2This corresponds to a journey of about 10,000 km by car or a CO2volume of 1250 m3).

  • Schüco AWS 112 IC – Saving energy without compromise

    The Schüco AWS 112.IC (Insulation Cover) aluminium window system is the first aluminium window system in the world which meets the stringent criteria of passive house certification. It offers a comfortable room climate through exceptional thermal insulation and an attractive design.

    • Unique thermal insulation: Uf value = 0.8 W/(m2K)
    • Passive house-certified
    • New vent frame design based on the block design for narrow face widths
  • Schüco AWS 90.SI+ Green – Maximum thermal insulation

    The Schüco AWS 90.SI+ aluminium window Green (Super Insulation) is a highly thermally insulated window to passive house level with renewable raw materials. In conjunction with the impressive properties of aluminium, a wide range of design options and sustainable building can become a future-proof reality like never before.

    • Plastic parts from renewable raw materials
    • Improved thermal insulation for basic depth of 90 mm: Ufvalue of 1.0 W/(m2K)
    • Easy, comfortable operation through a wide range of opening types
    • Comprehensive range of profiles and a variety of design options
  • Schüco LivIng – Energy-saving windows developed for your requirements

    Schüco LivIng sets new standards in terms of comfort, security, energy efficiency and design. With a basic depth of 82 mm and thermal insulation values to passive house level, it has all the features that are necessary for pioneering energy-saving windows. New sealing technology offers effective protection against draughts, moisture and noise – throughout the lifetime of the window. “Made in Germany” quality and burglar resistance to resistance class RC 2 are further reasons to choose Schüco LivIng windows.

    • 7-chamber window system with outstanding thermal insulation properties for Uf values as low as 0.96 W/(m²K)
    • Suitable for passive houses in accordance with ift Rosenheim
    • Available with 2 or 3 sealing levels
    • Multiple design options
  • Schüco Thermo 6 – Windows with energy-saving potential

    A wide range of design options and a high degree of security due to the concealed steel reinforcement make the Schüco Thermo 6 energy-saving PVC-U window ideal for private homes. What’s more, it is energy-efficient: six air chambers inside the window frame achieve a very high level of thermal insulation.

    • A choice of three contours (Classic, Rondo, Cava) offers design freedom
    • Outstanding thermal insulation for a basic depth of 82 mm: Uf values of 1.0 to  1.1 W/(m²K)
    • High degree of security due to concealed steel reinforcement and modern fittings technology


Simply shut out dangers

Above everything else, feeling secure is about the certainty that you are well protected – from the wind and the weather, and also from burglars. Concealed yet highly effective, Schüco systems ensure security. Ultimately, increased burglar protection should not lead to compromising the appearance. In this way, Schüco aluminium windows with the internal “AvanTec SimplySmart” fitting provide a high level of basic protection that can be increased to resistance class 3 (RC3) with the help of additional locking points. Lockable handles in the consistent Schüco design and comfortable monitoring of closing with confirmation function for closing the windows when leaving the house complete the range.

  • Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart concealed fitting

    Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart allows clean lines with its narrow, concealed fittings. Concealed hinges make the surfaces much easier to clean – no more dust traps, just smooth surfaces. The AvanTec fitting is also durable and has minimal maintenance requirements.

    • Easy to operate with variable settings
    • Attractive handle, lockable or with pushbutton
    • Modular, multi-level security concept up to RC3/(WK3)
  • Lockable handles secure the vent

    Lockable handles in the consistent Schüco design provide added security By using additional security locking points, the burglar resistance of the window can be increased up to security class 3 (RC3). Windows in this class withstand criminals that try to break open the locked component with two tools such as a screwdriver and a crow bar.

  • Monitoring of closing with Schüco TipTronic

    Even a normal window profile from Schüco makes it difficult for burglars. If that is not enough for you, integrated monitoring of closing offers a confirmation function through a magnetic switch for electronic closing checks when leaving the house. In this way the desired safety can be increased individually.

  • Schüco safety barriers

    Bright living spaces flooded with light are already a characteristic of modern buildings. The trend is therefore moving in the direction of floor-to-ceiling window units, whose safety is prescribed by standards and regulations. The new safety barriers for Schüco PVC-U systems are installed directly on the window profile, harmoniously blending in with the façade appearance. Furthermore, they are tested as complete units with Schüco PVC-U windows and offer maximum security.

    • The new safety barrier is available in two versions, as a glass or bar safety barrier.
    • Can also be combined with roller shutters
    • Compatible with the Schüco LivIng, Schüco Alu Inside and Schüco Corona SI 82 PVC-U window systems


Fully automatic with Schüco

Increased comfort in the home thanks to building automation. A press of a button is sufficient to open and close windows. And a single glance to check that they are all closed. Schüco building technology provides a wide range of possible solutions for private homes. The Schüco system allows electronic opening and closing through monitoring of windows, natural and automatic ventilation, as well as electrically operated solar shading and anti-glare protection.

Benefits for users:

  • Increased well-being through a pleasant indoor climate
  • Tangible energy cost savings
  • Added security and comfort


Closing windows is now an effortless task. As soon as the weather becomes unpleasant, the weather sensor closes all of the windows automatically. Even large, heavy sliding units can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart also sets new standards for concealed actuator technology. When integrated into the building automation system, the very quiet-running fittings series fulfils a wide range of requirements in terms of energy efficiency, convenience and security for residential projects.

  • Schüco VentoPlus

    With the Schüco VentoPlus ventilation system, rooms can be ventilated as and when required. An integrated mechanical humidity sensor controls the air quantity and allows the device to regulate itself. This effectively prevents mould growth while maintaining the benefits of a closed window. Schüco VentoPlus is simply installed in the window frame. No electrical work is required. The ventilation device can be used in both newbuilds and renovations. Schüco VentoPlus is compatible with all Schüco PVC-U systems.


  • Schüco VentoAir+

    Schüco VentoAir+ is a self-regulating window rebate ventilator. The device is fitted in the optimum position in the top of the window area between the outer frame and vent frame. Therefore, Schüco VentoAir+ is installed independent of fittings components, as the ventilation module is simply clipped into the window in place of the vent overlap gasket. The high-quality engagement technology ensures stability and simplyfies installation significantly by dispensing with drill holes and screws. Thanks to the precise plastic hinge technology, Schüco VentoAir+ also detects the slightest air movements and adjusts the air volume flow automatically by means of regulating flaps. These regulating flaps restrict the air flow when there are high wind loads so that draughts are prevented. Schüco VentoAir+ removes moisture, prevents mould growth and guarantees a permanent supply of fresh air. Schüco VentoAir+ can easily be retrofitted. The ventilation device is compatible with all Schüco PVC-U systems.



Residential property in Austria – with windows from Schueco
Schueco windows provide highly durable, low-maintenance surface finishes

Individual for your home

Visible individuality at first sight. Windows from Schüco systems combine functionality with timeless design. Intelligent technology in an harmonious interplay with diverse shape and colour options. To lend every building an unmistakeable style: your own. Schüco windows stand for innovation, quality and versatility. The various materials aluminium, PVC-U and steel can be combined with a whole range of shapes, colours and design elements. Set colourful accents on your house. We offer a wide spectrum of design options for our windows. Different colour coatings can be used depending on the frame material.

Operate hard-to-reach windows fully automatically with Schueco TipTronic


The Schüco range of design handles for windows and doors makes it possible to design the outside and inside of buildings uniformly.

  • Uniform design line within the handle family for windows, front doors and sliding doors
  • Mechanical and electronic opening units are easy to operate
  • Exclusive and high-quality look with functional design
Range of handle designs from Schueco
  • Schüco AutomotiveFinish – Brilliant metallic design for PVC-U windows

    Colours define our lives. They define our homes too. Schüco AutomotiveFinish combines a brilliant surface appearance usually found only in the automotive industry with the fabrication benefits of PVC-U. This opens up new, top-quality design opportunities, both inside and outside. The exclusive Schüco AutomotiveFinish metallic colours provide you with brilliant design options which bring out the character of your home in a unique way. What is special about it is that windows, doors and accessories can be designed tone-on-tone with Schüco AutomotiveFinish.

    • Brilliant metallic colours for Schüco PVC-U windows
    • Colour application process for outside and inside
    • Optimum properties in terms of colour stability and environmental and chemical resistance
  • Schüco TopAlu – Exclusive appearance and optimum value retention

    Schüco TopAlu – PVC-U windows with external aluminium cover cap. Schüco TopAlu thereby combines maximum comfort, an attractive appearance and optimum value retention in one product. The PVC-U window offers excellent thermal insulation and the aluminium cover cap allows for special colour accents and offers a high level of protection against environmental factors. So that you can enjoy your new Schüco PVC-U windows for many years to come.

    • High-quality appearance
    • First-class design options
    • High level of resistance
    • Maximum service life
    • Ultimate value retention
    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Compatible with almost all Schüco PVC-U windows
  • Schüco UnlimitedFinish – Single colours and woodgrains for PVC-U windows

    Colour is one of the most important visual factors for people. PVC-U windows are an important design element in this respect. And nowadays they don’t always have to be white. With PVC-U windows from Schüco you have an unlimited choice of colours, from classic white to vibrant shades. The comprehensive palette of colours consisting of single colours with a smooth or grained appearance offers individual design options. The range is completed by a series of finely textured woodgrains. An impressive variety for creative designs, including the option of combining different colour shades on the inside and outside of window frames and vents.

    • Schüco decorative foils are particularly durable and withstand considerable environmental stresses, such as sun, wind, rain and temperature fluctuations
    • Colourfast even under continual UV radiation
    • RAL-certified
    • Easy to clean, dirt-resistant and abrasion-resistant
  • Schüco PVC-U folding shutters – Decorative and highly practical

    Folding shutters from Schüco are durable and decorative screening for old and new buildings. They provide thermal insulation in summer, protection against the weather all year round and individually adjustable, natural lighting in bright sunlight. They also reduce the risk of break-ins. In many places, folding shutters are also used as an attractive design feature in the façade. And they are low maintenance.

    • Louvre blades are infinitely adjustable
    • Protection from summer heat and thermal insulation on cold days
    • Closed folding shutters provide additional protection against burglars
    • Reduction of disruptive noise
    • Effective screening
    • Easy regulation of incoming light
    • Smooth, easy-to-maintain surfaces
    • Schüco decorative foils are available for colour design
  • Schüco VarioTec – Sophisticated technology and attractive design

    Modern PVC-U windows have to satisfy stringent requirements, especially when it comes to functionality and service life. Choosing the right fittings therefore plays a crucial part in your satisfaction with the windows. The Schüco VarioTec fittings system offers technology at the highest level. The unique combination of steel and PVC-U is tested in multiple ways and all individual components are tested for everyday use under the most rigorous conditions. This has also been confirmed by independent institutes. With Schüco VarioTec, windows, fittings and handles combine to form a fully compatible system.

    For special visual and design requirements, Schüco VarioTec NI is an innovative system with fully concealed hinges.

    The new Schüco VarioTec Air ventilation fitting allows the window vent to be opened out at just 6 mm parallel to the window frame. This enables ventilation without compromising on burglar resistance. Compared to traditional ventilation by means of tilting the window, this ventilation method offers significantly lower energy loss as well as better protection against insects, noise, rain and even pets. For example, cats can no longer hurt themselves trying to get outside through tilted windows.  

    • Can be constructed to resistance class RC2
    • Attractive design which integrates harmoniously into the window
    • Minimal maintenance


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