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Materials – Entrance doors for your own personal requirements

Choose from aluminium, PVC-U and steel / stainless steel

Three materials for different requirements. Aluminium entrance doors are robust and durable. If your focus is thermal insulation, PVC-U entrance doors are ideal. Then again, steel entrance doors offer maximum security.

We provide material solutions for your own personal requirements.


Robust, versatile and durable

A variety of design options, high stability and durability: aluminium offers countless opportunities for integrating innovative technology into doors with the best thermal insulation values and optimum functionality, whilst also lending distinctive character to every house with a wide range of opening widths, colours and surface finishes.

  • Exceptional material stability
  • Efficient burglar resistance
  • Attractive design
  • High degree of design freedom
  • Proven quality
  • Sustainable material, up to 100% recyclable

The new ADS SimplySmart door range – Designed for excellence

Outstanding thermal insulation properties and a high level of security
Doors from the Schüco ADS SimplySmart series score highly due to their outstanding thermal insulation properties, so your home remains a pleasant and comfortable temperature in the winter. The five-chamber aluminium profile construction, a double insulation level and an innovative centre gasket concept make it possible to achieve thermal insulation values which are very close to those of an insulated outer wall. An additional aluminium centre profile together with a double-web profile ensure greater stability of the door construction and offer optimum protection against intruders. ADS SimplySmart is burglar-resistant up to resistance class RC 3 (WK 3), while simultaneously satisfying the highest requirements in terms of design.

Versatile design and exceptional aesthetics
Schüco ADS SimplySmart offers a range of design options and highlights the finer features of a variety of architectural surroundings.

Automated comfort and security components such as the Schüco Door Control System (DCS) also allow visually seamless integration in the door constructions. Cover strips for covering fittings and insulating bar grooves furthermore guarantee a continuously black door rebate appearance – for the most demanding of design requirements.

Maximum stability and durability
All fittings in the Schüco ADS SimplySmart range such as locks and hinges are installed in the aluminium centre profile of the door to be extremely robust, thus ensuring lasting durability. A newly developed split hybrid insulating bar again guarantees additional stability and minimises the so-called bimetallic effect. Dark entrance doors can deform when there are large temperature differences between the outside and inside of the door, such as during high summer with very bright sunlight coming in from the south. The new hybrid insulating bar from the Schüco ADS SimplySmart range manages to avoid these deformations so that the entrance door offers optimum functionality at all times and remains a symbol of high-quality for the house and its inhabitants.

  • Schüco ADS 90 PL.SI – Maximum energy efficiency and security

    The Schüco ADS 90 PL.SI inward-opening, face-fitted entrance door construction is tailored to meet the special requirements of the entrance door market and fulfils the highest demands for function and design. The Soft Line (SL) design with its elegantly rounded profile contour offers special design options for outer frames and glazing beads.

    • Excellent thermal insulation: Ufvalue of 1.4 W/(m²K)
    • Easily integrated comfort and security functions
    • Burglar-resistant up to RC3 (WK3) and increased sound reduction

  • Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart

    • High level of stability due to the 5-chamber profile construction
    • Reduced bimetallic effect through the use of hybrid insulating bars
    • Increased performance characteristics (e.g. weathertightness) and reduced thermal transmittance values
    • A barrel hinge for different applications
    • Door leaf with leaf-enclosing infill on one side or both sides
  • Schüco ADS 70.HI – Versatile, highly thermally insulated and robust

    The Schüco ADS 70.HI door combines excellent thermal insulation with the benefits of the Schüco ADS door systems. The basic depth of 70 mm ensures a high degree of stability. The highly thermally insulated door is ideally suited to improving the energy balance of a building - with maximum planning freedom. The timeless design is also available with rounded contours and can be combined perfectly with Schüco window systems.

    • Good thermal insulation: Ufvalue of up to 1.8 W/(m²K)
    • Easily integrated comfort and security functions
    • Burglar resistance up to RC3 (WK3)


High level of thermal insulation

PVC-U entrance doors are characterised by excellent thermal insulation. They easily meet the statutory thermal insulation values due to the proven multi-chamber profile technology. PVC-U entrance doors also have a very attractive price/performance ratio.

  • Wide range of design options
  • High thermal and sound insulation
  • Lasting deformation resistance
  • Very long service life
  • State-of-the-art locking devices to meet increased security requirements
  • Schüco LivIng – Entrance doors developed for your requirements

    Schüco LivIng sets new standards in terms of comfort, security, energy efficiency and design. With a basic depth of 82 mm and excellent thermal insulation values, it has all the features that are necessary for pioneering energy-saving entrance doors. New sealing technology offers effective protection against draughts, moisture and noise – throughout the lifetime of the entrance door. “Made in Germany” quality and burglar resistance to resistance class RC 2 are further reasons to choose a Schüco LivIng entrance door.

    • 7-chamber window system with outstanding thermal insulation properties
    • Protection against wind and weather through two sealing levels
    • High degree of security due to 82 mm basic depth and modern fittings technology to RC 2
    • Easy-access design
    • Easily integrated comfort and security functions
    • Multiple design options
  • Schüco Thermo 6 – Doors with energy-saving potential

    An elegant look and a high degree of security due to the concealed steel reinforcement make the Schüco Thermo 6 PVC-U system ideal for private homes. It is also energy-efficient. With Schüco Thermo 6 entrance doors, you reduce your energy requirements considerably. Three sealing levels provide maximum protection against wind and weather. Furthermore, the increased basic depth of Schüco Thermo 6 entrance doors combined with a modern fittings system guarantees reliable security for your living spaces.

    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Protection against wind and weather through two sealing levels
    • High degree of security due to 82 mm basic depth and modern fittings technology to RC 2
    • Easy-access design
    • Variety of colour and design options
  • Schüco Corona CT 70 – The all-rounder among door systems

    Schüco Corona CT 70 doors are suitable for a wide variety of uses in both newbuild and renovation projects. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security. The proven multi-chamber profile and thermal break of the door threshold guarantee a high level of thermal insulation and thereby offer considerable energy-saving potential.

    • Good thermal insulation
    • Easily integrated comfort and security functions
    • Easy-access design
    • A variety of colour and design options

Steel / stainless steel

Load-bearing and secure

Steel entrance doors are becoming ever more important. This is due to both the outstanding structural properties of the material and the extremely high resisting force. Steel door constructions are therefore particularly suitable for entrance areas, since this is where the requirements for load-bearing and security are extremely high.

  • Small basic depths and slender profile face widths
  • Large, multi-leaf door constructions possible
  • Extensive range of fittings, locks and accessories
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Janisol HI – Maximum thermal insulation

    The highly thermally insulated Janisol HI steel profile system is highly suitable for constructing attractive and sophisticated single and double-leaf doors, outside - also with side sections and toplights.

    • Very high sound reduction values up to 45 dB
    • Comprehensive security package
    • Able to bear extremely high loads
  • Jansen-Economy 60 – Ideal for building interiors

    The Jansen Economy 60 non-insulated door system is similar in look to the thermally insulated, flush-fitted Janisol® doors. This ensures uniform appearances for different planning requirements.

    • Maximum transparency as a door and partition wall system
    • Very high sound reduction values up to 44 dB
    • High load-bearing capacity


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