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Schüco Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System ASS 70.HI

Highly thermally insulated sliding and lift-and-slide system with perfect watertightness, outstanding sound reduction and optional comfort technology

Based on single, double and triple-track outer frames, Schüco ASS 70.HI permits large opening widths with outstanding user comfort – perfect for use as a high-quality system solution in commercial projects and luxury residential properties. Optionally equipped with Schüco SmartStop and Schüco SmartClose comfort technology, the Schüco ASS 70.HI sliding and lift-and-slide system ensures that even large vent units can be operated easily and securely.

A large colour spectrum offers practically endless individual design options – even as far as selecting different colours for the inside and outside faces.

With customer-rolled profiles, Schüco offers its partners a high degree of flexibility in large commercial projects for efficient planning and fabrication.

  • Customer-rolled profiles for high degree of flexibility in large commercial projects
  • High-quality, reliable fittings components
  • Reliable fabrication processes
  • Wide variety of options thanks to an extremely flexible system
  • Sliding and lift-and-slide options available



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