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Palace of Water Sports

Kazan, Russia

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Education and Culture
FW 50+
Kazan, Russia
SPEECH, Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov


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Project description

Since the end of the 2013 Summer Universiade in Kazan, sports students at the Tatar State Academy and citizens of the city have been making use of the “Palace of Water Sports”, which was built in 2012. The dimensions of the structure are enormous. With a length of 187.5 metres, the width of 54 metres and a height of 25 metres, it has the form of a huge, frozen wave towering above the river flowing parallel to it. From the inside, the hall gives the impression of openness with an abundance of light. The spatial effect of this modern “cathedral of light” is predominantly produced by the triple-jointed Gothic arch supports of the “wave” made from laminated timber, as well as the openings of the façade on the river side that narrow towards the top to form an apex. Reflected in them are the three 25 by 52 metre swimming pools. There is seating for 3,000 people in the opposite gallery. The five-storey vertical façade consists of blue glass units alternating with panels of brushed stainless steel, whose appearance is reminiscent of ripples on the surface of the water and which also allows the subject of “water” to be seen in detail from the outside.


Palace of Water Sports
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