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Shop floor equipment

Storage Technology

PLP 450

Paternoster long profile carrier 450 for clear, space-saving provision of profiles.

  • 10 carrying units with 3 compartments each (d x h x l 450 x 250 x 6200)
  • Load-bearing capacit per carring unti 300 kg
  • Tip switch for moving (5 m/min),
  • Run-time: pos. - pos. 8 secs (max. 45 secs)
  • optional: extension to maximum of 24 carrying units

Technical Data PLP 450

Length:7000 mm
Width:1462 mm
Height:3680 mm
Weight: 1500 kg
Loading per carrying units: 300 kg


Vent fittings assembly table

The assembly table for vent fittings is a versatile
swivel/tilt table suitable for a wide range of jobs when assembling vents and small frames. The size of the work surface can be adjusted using extensions and swivel arms.

Technical Data Vent fittings assembly table

Length:1500 mm
Width:1400 mm
Height:950 mm
Weight:100 kg
Lifting capacity: 100 kg

Swivel table

The swivel table can be used for working on vents and smaller frames. The units can be rotated vertically.

Technical Data Swivel table

Length:1400 mm
Width:1000 mm
Height:750 mm
Weight:65 kg
Lifting capacity:100 kg

Facade Table

Setting up several tables for facade profiles in a line provides an ideal environment for assembling large units. The tables can be moved easily into position on rails. They can also be moved to one side when not required.

Technical Data Facade Table

Length:2100 mm
Width:600 mm
Height:900 mm
Weight:130 kg
Lifting capacity:2400 kg

Special Solutions

Lifting Aid

The lifting aid lifts and transports profiles from a stillage to a machine, e.g.

  • Foiling machine
  • Isomat
  • Double-headed mitre saw
  • Processing centre
  • Gasket inserting machine
  • Loading magazine
  • or when picking profiles from one stillage to anothe

Door profile assembly bench / Door profile assembly bench with height adjustment

The door profile assembly bench provides an effective facility for assembling fittings on door profiles. The assembly bench has storage space for fittings so that the employee always has the necessary accessories to hand. When assembling the fittings, the profile is clamped and can be rotated 90° forwards and backwards (in 15° increments). Plans or diagrams can be hung at eye level.

Technical Data Door profile assembly bench

Length:2000 mm
Width:800 mm
Height:2000 mm
Weight: 128 kg
Lifting capacity: 50 kg

Swivel arm

For easy access to small tools that require electricity or compressed air.

  • Swivel arm with device holders
  • Device holder with 4 compressed air and 4 electrical connectionspoints
  • Tool storage facility 700 x 240 mm
  • Line provided for use compressed air device
  • Swivel arm can be wall-mounted

Technical Data Swivel arm

Length:5000 mm
Height:1800 - 3000 adjustable
Weight: 61 kg
Lifting capacity: 35 kg

Foling Profiles

PFA profile taping machine

The profile taping machine can be used to apply a protective tape on all profiles with two parallel surfaces. It is also possible to apply the tape on a third side, at a right angle to the other two sides, in a single operation.

Technical Data PFA profile taping machine

Total length:10600 mm
Width:1000 mm
Height:1300 mm
Feed-in track:4000 kg
Take-off track:5000 mm

Manual foiling device

For foil width from 65 mm to 150 mm.

  • Surface ​protection ​for​ window,​ door ​and​ facade​ profiles​ for ​further ​processing
  • A​ guide​ on ​the​ side ​for​ rolling
  • Adjustable ​brake ​on ​roller


Stillage carrier

Stillage carrier for transporting Schüco stillages.

  • For profile palettes up​ 760​ mm ​wide
  • Robust welded steel design
  • Can be moved on ​4 ​polyamide-castors, ​Ø ​175 mm,​ all​ 4​ with brake facility

Technical Data Stillage Carrier

Length:4000 mm
Width:800 mm
Height:420 mm
Weight:76 kg
Lifting capacity: 1300 kg

Profile Bar Carrier

For horizontal storage and transport of long profile sections.

  • Profile carrier can be loaded on both sides
  • 7 ​pairs of rack arms per upright, adjustable to any length, allow variable distance between rack arms
  • Soft rubber coating on rack arms
  • 2​ middle uprights adjustable
  • Depth of rack arms 400 mm each side
  • Can be moved on​ 4​ polyamide-castors,​ Ø​ 150​ mm,​ ​2​ with brake facility

Technical Data Profile Bar Carrier

Length:2070 mm
Width:860 mm
Height:2000 mm
Weight:128 kg
Lifting capacity:1000 kg

Long profile carrier

Long profile carrier for horizontal transport or storage of uncut profiles or mullion profiles from the facade.

  • Profile carrier can be loaded on both sides
  • 8 rack arms both left and right
  • Depth ​475​ mm
  • Rack arms welded securely on to uprights
  • Middle uprights adjustable
  • Can be moved on 4 ​polyamide-castors, ​Ø ​175 ​mm,​ ​2 with brake facility

Technical Data Long profile carrier

Length:4000 mm
Width:1000 mm
Height:2500 mm
Weight:750 kg
Lifting capacity:1000 kg

Short profile carrier

For horizontal storage and transport of short and medium-length profile sections.

  • profile carrier can be loaded on one side
  • 12​ sections
  • Adjustable section width, max. 90​ mm
  • Compartment depth ​400 ​mm
  • Section dividers and surfaces with PVC-U coating
  • Side transport handles
  • Can be moved on ​4​ polyamide-castors,​ Ø​ 150​ mm,​ 2 with brake facility

Technical Data Short profile carrier

Length:1400 mm
Width:800 mm
Height:1500 mm
Weight:84 kg
Lifting capacity:1000 kg

Platform profile carrier

The platform profile carrier is a universal trolley for stacking small parts and profile sections for transportation.

  • Profile carrier can be loaded in a number of ways
  • 27 mm ​thick flat board base
  • 800 mm steel tubes on all 4 corners for mounting tube stumps
  • 4 Profile attachment options on one side of steel tube
  • Can be moved on ​4​ polyamide-castors,​ Ø​ 175 ​mm,​ all​ 4​ with brake facility

Technical Data Platform profile carrier

Length:1350 mm
Width:950 mm
Height:1000 mm
Weight:42 kg
Lifting capacity:1000 kg

Glazing bead carrier

The glazing bead carrier is designed for vertical transport of glazing beads.

  • Transport carrier for glazing beads and supplementary profiles
  • Storage section 1400 mm high
  • 4 sorting sections with fixed divisions
  • 30 compartments, 15 on each side
  • Compartment depth 100 mm
  • Compartment height 65 mm
  • Can be moved on 4 polyamide-castors, Ø 150 mm, 2 with brake facility

Technical Data Glazing bead carrier

Length:1200 mm
Width:600 mm
Height:1600 mm
Weight:62 kg
Lifting capacity:300 kg

Vent frame carrier

The vent frame carrier is designed for mobile frame storage. Felt pads ensure that frames can be inserted and removed without scratching.

  • Trolley for transporting vent frames
  • Can be moved on 4 polyamide-castors, Ø 150 mm, 2 with brake facility

Technical Data Vent frame carrier

Length:2100 mm
Width:800 mm
Height:2550 mm
Weight:118 kg
Lifting capacity:1000 kg

Outer frame carrier

The outer frame carrier can be used for mobile temporary storage. Frames can be pushed in easily using the rollers. The frames are fixed into the carrier by means of a hand brake.

  • Trolley for transporting outer frames
  • Compartment height: 2300 mm
  • Compartment width: 100 mm
  • Can be moved on 4 polyamide-castors, Ø 150 mm, 2 with brake facility

Technical Data Outer frame carrier

Length:2100 mm
Width:800 mm
Height:2550 mm
Weight:118 kg
Lifting capacity:1000 kg

Indoor materials carrier

The indoor materials carrier is designed for transportation within the workshop.To save space, the carriers can be pushed together when not in use.

  • when empty, trolleys can be pushed together
  • Working width 700 mm
  • Storage height 1500 mm
  • Storage and base sections covered with wear-resistant rubber profile that is resistant to water-soluble paint
  • Can be moved on 4 polyamide-castors, Ø 150 mm, 2 with brake facility

Technical Data Indoor materials carrier

Length:2120 mm
Width:950 mm
Height:1900 mm
Weight:78 kg
Lifting capacity:750 kg

Outdoor materials carrier

The outdoor materials carrier is designed for transportation within the workshop and transportation to site. The carrier can be transported using forklift trucks or cranes and its removable wheels allow it to be loaded securely onto the lorry.

Technical Data Outdoor materials carrier

Length:2000 mm
Width:980 mm
Height:1950 mm
Weight:90 kg
Lifting capacity:750 kg

Spool rack

To take Schüco gasket spools.

  • To carry 4 spools
  • Angle brake for each spool
  • Spool racks moveable in all directions and have locking brakes

Technical Data Spool rack

Length:960 mm
Width:960 mm
Height:1500 mm
Weight:60 kg


Workshop trolley

Trolleys for preparing hand tools for metal fabricators with special insert for Schüco tools.
Optional: 8 different tool modules.

  • Large polypropylene work surface with ergonomic handle
  • 8 drawers (6 x 60 mm, 2 x 130 mm)
  • Full extension drawers
  • Drawer handle with integrated lock
  • Central locking
  • 2 castors and 2 fixed wheels (125 mm)
  • Parking break

Technical Data Workshop trolley

Length:770 mm
Width:475 mm
Height:960 mm
Weight: 90 kg

Compressed air sprayer

For economical, targeted use of cleaning agent and/or degreaser (Art. No. 298 290) and silicone oil (Art. No. 298 466).

  • Refillable
  • Filling adapter supplied
  • Content: approx. 0,4 Liter
  • Operating pressure: 0,6 − 1,5 MPa

Compressed air filler pump

For filling the compressed air sprayer (Art. No. 296 702) with compressed air.

We reserve the right to make changes to dimensions and designs in the interests of technical progress.
Illustrations may differ from the original and/or contain options which would incur an additional charge.

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