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Corner crimping machines

Schüco Machine EVM S4

  • Efficient crimping of the four corner joints for windows, doors and façade units made from continuous, mitred aluminium profiles.
  • Barrier-free insertion of a fitted frame or loose profile bars.
  • Fast and reliable processing of the frame joint due to simultaneous, automatic crimping of the four corner joints.
  • Evently distributed cutting tolerances due to special Schüco clamping and crimping system.
  • One fixed crimping head, three easy-to-position crimping heads.

Schüco Machine CC 120 A

Corner crimping machine with adhesive injections.
This machine combines 3 tasks:

  • Crimping the frame
  • Punching the adhesive
  • Measured adhesive injections

The manually adjustable mechanical controllers for milling tool and pump make operating the machine simple.

Schüco Maschine CC 300

Corner crimping machine for extreme requirements:

  • Maximum crimping height: 300 mm
  • 5 crimping levels
  • Minimal internal size of frame: 270 x 270 mm

These features ensure machining of both small and large frames.

Schüco Machine EVM S

For efficient crimping of corner cleats in windows and doors made from aluminium profiles.


Mitre sealing machine for applying the mitre sealing compound (Art. No. 298 864) to aluminium mitre surfaces.

Pneumatic nail gun

For driving the aluminium corner and T cleat nails into the clamped frames.

Profile Locking Bar Processor

Profile Locking Bar Processor LA 100

Automatic locking bar processor for rapid calculation and fabrication of locking bars for SimplySmart fittings.
The locking bar is calculated automatically for individual opening types, vent sizes and individual resistance classes.
No time spent on entering data from the manual.

Glazing bead clip machine

Glazing bead clip machine Schüco GC 100

For automatic insertion of the glazing bead clips.

  • No need for time-consuming, manual clipping of glazing bead clips.
  • Glazing bead clips are clipped on at the specified distances from one another.

We reserve the right to make changes to dimensions and designs in the interests of technical progress.
Illustrations may differ from the original and/or contain options which would incur an additional charge.

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