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Everything from a single source: Machines, profile systems, software, service and hotline. By holistic thinking in complete systems Schüco is your competent partner for the continuous success in the market.

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Schüco Machinery AF 210

The Schüco AF 210 opens up new possibilities in the fabrication of aluminium profiles for windows and doors. With this machine, manual processes are a thing of the past ...more

Schüco Machinery AF 310

The AF 310 delivers maximum performance and cannot be beaten when it comes to cost effectiveness and efficiency. Intelligent control, the latest milling spindle technology, excellent CNC performance and easy operation for unique dynamism, precision and performance. ...more

Schüco Machinery AS 100

The new fabrication system with numerous profile cutting and notching options is as flexible as a modern 5-axis CNC machine. With its high speed and continuous fabrication process, the Schüco AS 100 also offers the benefits of a continuous feed system. ...more

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Workshop planning

The Schüco “workshop planning” consultancy service aims to provide more added value for every metal customer through individual solutions. In order to utilise the available resources in the best possible way and increase quality and performance, the current fabrication processes are initially considered as part of an as-is analysis. The focus is on use of space, operator ergonomics, machine capacity as well as material flow and digital solutions. These factors are assessed on the basis of the current workshop layout and production range. Based on this, Schüco designs a new, individual fabrication concept which is adapted to suit the actual conditions and the needs of the Schüco partner. The result is long-term cost reduction and quality assurance through process optimisation and increase in efficiency in all areas of fabrication.

  • Tailored, individual fabrication concepts
  • Long-term process optimisation, cost reduction and quality assurance
  • Ergonomic fabrication

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