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Total Germany Central

Berlin, Germany

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Office and Business
Berlin, Germany
Barkow+Leibinger Architekten,Priedemann Fassadenberatung GmbH
FKN Fassaden GmbH & Co. KG
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© Christian Richters


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The Tour Total – the new German headquarters of the oil group Total which has been awarded the DGNB certificate in Silver – was completed by the client and owner, CA Immo, as the first office building of the new Europacity district in the immediate vicinity of Berlin Central Station. The guiding principle of dynamics, which is a key issue for users, is echoed both in the cubature and the façade of the 18-storey high-rise building. In future, the front of the building will overlook a square, as outlined in the master design. The long sides have a slight indentation, making a distinctive impression on the urban environment. The base zone accentuated by colonnades follows the course of the road and is therefore oblique to the tower. The façade was constructed using a Schüco special construction and is based on the economical and energy-efficient 60:40 ratio of open to closed space. However, Barkow Leibinger’s answer to the severity caused by the façade modules is a design feature: they developed a three-dimensional façade appearance derived from a basic suspended concrete unit. The repetition and variation of this K-shaped unit creates the impression of highly contrasting, moving lines.

The 18-storey tower of the Total headquarters in Germany is the first building block of the “Europacity” district near Berlin Central Station. The pre-fabricated concrete components suspended in front of the load-bearing wall construction create a playful line structure on the façade.


Total Germany Central
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