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Janisol HI doors – security with full panic function

Highly thermally insulated multi-purpose door with burglar resistance and emergency exit function

The double-leaf Janisol HI door in an RC 3 design offers a high level of burglar resistance and, in an emergency, can be operated across the entire unit width as a full panic door. The tested, multi-purpose steel door is therefore the perfect solution for buildings with high safety and security requirements, such as sport and leisure facilities, public administration buildings, airports, shopping centres, hospitals and schools. In this way, commercial properties equipped with this product also become attractive to high-calibre tenants, such as jewellers or exclusive vehicle dealerships.

The Janisol HI multi-purpose door solution represents a clear system definition for the combination of the EN 179 and EN 1125 escape route and emergency exit standards as well as the burglar resistance classes RC 2 and RC 3, which enables simple, reliable and efficient planning and fabrication. Certificates for the Janisol, Janisol HI, Janisol 2 and Economy 60 systems are available.

  • Clear system definition for the combination of EN 179, EN 1125 and RC guarantees reliable planning
  • System designs as single and double-leaf doors, outward and inward-opening
  • Design without threshold possible
  • Burglar resistance classes RC 2 and RC 3
  • The highest mechanical strength class 4 (EN 1192) and the highest durability class 8 (EN 12400)


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