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Rönesans Tower

İstanbul, Turkey

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
FW 50+
İstanbul, Turkey
Fehmi kobal design architects
Picture credit
GURKAN AKAY 2015 www.gurkanakay.com


Project details

Project description

The 185.5 m high office tower on the Asian side of the Turkish metropolis Istanbul is the first LEED Platinum-certified skyscraper in Turkey. Influenced by geometric Ottoman ornamentation, the sculptural form of the building and the integrated gardens take inspiration from the surrounding landscape. Brilliant gold in colour, the solar shading panels, which are arranged asymmetrically and in different densities across the building
depending on the cardinal direction, are a design feature that can be seen for miles around. The glass building envelope, which represents an essential component of a complex holistic climate concept, was based
on the Schüco UCC 65 SG unitised façade for technicaland economic reasons. A key aesthetic aspect was the flush-fitted external appearance of an all-glass façade in combination with narrow profile face widths of only 110 mm in the interior. Special CNC-processed connecting units provide extremely precise connections at the contact points of the sloping façades.

The 186 metre-high, 40-storey Rönesans Tower is situated on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Reminiscent of a giant obelisk, the all-glass tower marks the eastern entrance to the city.


Rönesans Tower
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