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MK 13 Office Building - Garden Office

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Transom/mullion Façade
Munich, Germany
WEP Effinger Partner Architekten BDA
Ferger Metallbau GmbH


Project details

Object description

The MK 13 office building is situated in the Parkstadt quarter of Schwabing, which was developed in 1989. The core area stretches between the A9 highway towards Nuremberg, the “Mittlerer Ring“, Leopoldstrasse, and Domagkstrasse. This new city district, which consisted of unused land just a few years ago, encompasses 405,000 m² and has become a lively office and residential district. Stores, restaurants, hotels, and day-care centers have also sprung up there. Approximately 12,000 jobs have been created in Parkstadt. 60,000 m² of public green areas and parks ensure that Parkstadt – or “Park City” – Schwabing does justice to its name. The streets in the new district were named after Bauhaus artists and architects. The MK 13 building, also called the Garden Office, is located on the corner of Georg-Muche- and Marcel-Breuer Strasse. The Garden Office was planned as the headquarters of the internationally operating engineering office CBP WSP, whose five divisions were previously distributed in four Munich locations. CBP took on a double role in the planning of the office complex, which consists of a high-rise and a four storey building. The company was the planning and consulting office commissioned by the client and also represented its own interests as the subsequent user. WEP Effinger Partner Architekten BDA paid great attention to details in the design of the MK 13 and gave the building high-quality functional technology. The office complex is visible from afar and is impressive due to the high transparency of the Schüco transom and mullion façade with its narrow profiles. Horizontally, the façade is structured by a continuous C-profile. The technical services are highly efficient. Their main feature is building component temperature control.


MK 13 Office Building - Garden Office
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