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Lentos-Museum of Art

Linz, Austria

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Education and Culture
FW 50+
Linz, Austria


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During a recent interview, Lentois architect Jürgen Weber atted that this project aims to strike a balance between setting a distinctly urban accent and promotion the art on display within. Located at prominent position on the Danube, the resulting building has become a new symbol for the city of Linz. Whilst the elongated glass facade reflecte the city scyline, the museum itself opens up brand new vistas and perspectives on the metropolis. The elegant, simple design is classical modern in style and has something of a mystical appearance, especially at night, when changing colours come into play. Indise, the museum can be enjoyed not just for the art on display, but for the uniquely light and airy feel of the building itself.


Lentos-Museum of Art
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