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MAN East Gate Plant Development, Academies

Munich, Germany

Short information

Building category
Office and Business
Windows, Façades, Conservatories
AWS 75 BS.SI+, VISS Basic, FW 50+.HI
Munich, Germany
pmp Architekten GmbH
Wölz Stahl- & metallbau GmbH & Co. KG


Project details

Object description

As part of the development of the East Gate plant on MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG’s were erected on the west side of Dachauer Strasse, next to the administrative buildings and parking deck: the Service Academy and the Academy – the academy for MAN managers. On the 2800 m² service academy grounds, in surroundings reminiscent of workshops and lecture halls, technical training for trucks and buses is carried out using vehicles and vehicle components. The academy is reserved for internal further training for top management. The Service Academy is the more concise part of the training ensemble. The doublevolume foyer rises several meters above the basement, is impressive due to its inclined glass façade. In the entrance area, overhanging glass panes up to 3.4 meters-high were fitted into the Schüco transom and mullion construction. The façade of the Service Academy is marked by horizontal aluminum louvers that become denser towards the top and provide privacy and solar shading on the first floor. They stretch along the entire longitudinal building, giving it a characteristic, almost futurist expression. For the office and training rooms of the Service Academy, the architects from the pmp office planned a Schüco unitized façade with special profiles. The closed parts of the façade are clad in a rear ventilated metal façade consisting of aluminum sheeting. The individual buildings of the East Gate plant development project have different designs due to different functional requirements, but all construction phases were closely related due to the choice of material and architectural language – which clearly corresponds to MAN’s industrial background – and are seen as an unified ensemble.


MAN East Gate Plant Development, Academies
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