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Residential Buildings

Modern building concepts require a timeless design, a high degree of transparency and a clear architectural language. Schüco systems give living spaces their own individual character. Large glass combined with narrow profiles create an ambient environment that is flooded with light.


A fluid design with aesthetic freedom. Slimline profiles and seamless transitions between the Schüco systems create a transparent, light and airy atmosphere with maximum functionality. Planning certainty. Design freedom.

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Individual client requirements can be fabricated and installed quickly and easily thanks to the Schüco modular system. Delivering reliable quality. Meeting the highest requirements.

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The ultra-simple, intuitive operation via an app or home automation system provides a high level of convenience, including transitions without thresholds.

Safe and secure. Innovative solutions provide reliable protection against wind, weather and unwanted guests.

Panoramic design
Large-scale window and sliding systems with minimal profiles enable high-quality living flooded with light.

Thanks to fluid transitions and slimline profiles, Schüco Seamless offers an attractive design that sets new standards.

Commercial Buildings

Urban building is the key to modern societies. Schüco systems offer design freedom and planning reliability. The interplay of opaque and transparent façade units, versatile materials and slimline joints offers aesthetic clarity and geometric flexibility.


The density of a town or city calls for careful planning and maximum creativity from architects. Outstanding design: flexible, architecturally modular and with selected sustainable materials.

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Vertical building with Schüco. This means a high level of efficiency and process reliability from planning through to installation. The innovative building components allow reliable solutions to be achieved even in challenging circumstances.

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Modules that can be freely combined ensure maximum efficiency along the entire process chain – from planning through to installation.

Design freedom
Enjoy design freedom thanks to flexible, compatible façade units and materials from Schüco.

Integration of functions
Integrated functions enable maximum individual comfort for modern, urban spaces.



As a search machine and comparison portal, Plan.One is the digital source for information relevant to building planning. Designed as an intelligent assistance system by architects and for architects, Plan.One allows you to quickly search for and compare products tailored perfectly to your building project. It’s manufacturer-independent, intuitive and takes just a few clicks. Plan. One creates market transparency, saves time on lengthy searches, and simplifies and speeds up the workflow. Search results can be saved, product details and planning information can be copied over directly into standard planning software. As an interactive business intelligence tool, Plan. One enables the digitalisation of work processes and revolutionises the interaction between architects, developers, manufacturers and contracted companies in the construction industry.

  • Central platform for manufacturer information that is relevant to the product
  • Clear comparison of selected product properties
  • Use in your browswer or from your planning software


The digital sales tool for sales staff in the metal showroom. Product solutions that are built with Schüco systems can be configured correctly using the tool, so that the customer can visualise and experience the product in high quality. Directly at the point of sale, where the likelihood of making a sale is at its highest. The Schüco Product Configurator uses the innovative features of virtual reality (VR) technology to display the units and also has the potential to showcase the range of Schüco systems in a way that saves space and reduces costs. Further benefits include automatic technical checking, parallel price calculation in real time as well as rapid quotation creation with considerable time savings thanks to integrated SchüCal software.

  • Attractive sales tool: digital product configuration and presentation in the showroom
  • Integrated SchüCal software for calculation, quotation creation, order processing and technical checks


Innovative transfer of knowledge for architects and interior designers. The digital video streaming
service archipinion offers concise technical information about current topics related to the job, expert
interviews, the latest background information on materials and products as well as digital training that is available on demand at any time and from anywhere. To produce its content, archipinion works with external architects, specialists and selected manufacturers.

  • Series formats prepared by experts for fast transfer of knowledge
  • Inspiring films and documentation
  • Available on computers, tablets and smartphones


Schüco supports BIM (Building Information Modelling) users with digital planning and construction using BIM planning modules, which ensure fast, efficient work. The BIM data with its modular structure contains 3D geometries as well as series properties. All data is available at any time and can be integrated in a project with just a few clicks. The system interfaces and the underlying data management are continuously
developed and adapted. Fast and simple digital handling is possible thanks to real-time synchronisation
via the Schüco Cloud.

  • Schüco metal fabrication range can be fully integrated
  • Additional digital features such as Schüco Revit plug-in, parameter sets in accordance with COBie or ISO
  • Attachment of project-specific parameters that can be freely defined


In the Schüco Virtual Showroom, Schüco products and system solutions can be experienced digitally in a unique way. Instead of conventional spaces where the size and number of exhibits to be shown is usually limited, the Schüco Virtual Showroom opens up a new dimension of presentation. Visualisation of any number of products in interactive, virtual installation scenarios impressively demonstrates the advantages
and benefits of Schüco systems – for architects and metal fabricators as well as investors.

  • 3D product display in different buildings and installation locations
  • Visualisation of the product functions
  • Import your own 3D building models



With SchüCad next, Schüco is presenting the next generation of CAD software for metal fabricators. The new software makes construction even more convenient, faster and more reliable for metal fabricators. SchüCad next offers a comprehensive range of functions which are necessary for creating workshop drawings, attachments to building structure and documentation plans in daily practice. To this end, the pioneering generation of Schüco software was completely reconfigured technically and equipped with new interfaces. Thanks to the best SchüCal integration on the market, fully compatible with ATHENA |SE and ATHENA, SchüCad next guarantees flexible data exchange. A further benefit for secure construction is that all article data is always kept up to date thanks to the self-installing online update function.

  • Article library already contains key standard parts
  • Get results quickly: make intuitive changes by means of double clicking
  • One contact person for all products
  • Training and support included


Reliable, web-based project management platform for fabricators of doors, windows and façades. With its wide range of modules, it supports project teams with efficient planning, control and implementation of building projects, e.g. schedule and task management, document collaboration, incident management, daily construction reports and defect management. A further highlight is a 2D or 3D digital building model, which provides a quick and simple overview of the items in the specification, their properties and location. The PlanToBuild platform can be accessed easily via a web browser and allows for digital networking and communication with all internal staff and third parties involved on the project anytime, anywhere. A clear competitive advantage for fabricators.

  • Unit-oriented construction management
  • Graphic schedule for a transparent overview of individual processes and milestones
  • Interfaces for perfect integration in existing work processes


The high-performance online service portal for Schüco partners. Businessrelated information about and functions of Schüco articles as well as ongoing orders or open complaints can be called up and used easily in real time at any hour of the day with just a web browser and internet connection. With the Schüco Connect Mobile app, data will always be to hand when you’re on the move. The app for Android and
iOS devices is available to download free of charge from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Delivery status display with track & trace data, order updates, monitoring of deadlines
  • Check for article availability including delivery dates and ordering
  • Search function and download of original documents as PDF


The finished Schüco unit is created easily, quickly and effectively – SchüCal is the time and cost-saving
calculation software for processing quotations and orders as well as for job planning for Schüco window,
door, façade and conservatory systems. Tailored to the different requirements of Schüco partners, the software solution is available in three configuration levels: basic, advanced and enterprise. With
SchüCal, all calculation and fabrication steps can be completed to the customary high Schüco standard.

  • Reliability for calculation and fabrication with the latest article data and Schüco system information
  • Automatic calculation of the preparations in 3D and transfer to the CNC machine
  • Software, hardware, training, advice and service from a single source


The platform for working efficiently with Schüco documentation – with three tailored software solutions for
work preparation, construction meetings and the workshop: Schüco Docu Center – Web, Schüco Docu
Center – Mobile and Schüco Docu Center – Local. This means that all information can be called up digitally
from Docu Center quickly and easily: from order and fabrication manuals, architect information through to instructions and brochures. New: Instruction videos for fabrication and installation.

  • Schüco Docu Center – Web:
    Universal browser application for secure internet connections
  • Schüco Docu Center – Mobile:
    The app for smartphones and tablets
  • Schüco Docu Center – Local:
    The solution for when there is no internet connection or one that is unstable



The Schüco “workshop planning” consultancy service aims to provide more added value for every metal customer through individual solutions. In order to utilise the available resources in the best possible way and increase quality and performance, the current fabrication processes are initially considered as part of an as-is analysis. The focus is on use of space, operator ergonomics, machine capacity as well as material flow and digital solutions. These factors are assessed on the basis of the current workshop layout and
production range. Based on this, Schüco designs a new, individual fabrication concept which is adapted to suit the actual conditions and the needs of the Schüco partner. The result is long-term cost reduction and
quality assurance through process optimisation and increase in efficiency in all areas of fabrication.

  • Tailored, individual fabrication concepts
  • Long-term process optimisation, cost reduction and quality assurance
  • Ergonomic fabrication


The new fabrication system with numerous profile cutting and notching options is as flexible as a modern 5-axis CNC machine. With its high speed and continuous fabrication process, the Schüco AS 100 also offers the benefits of a continuous feed system. In addition to its pioneering high performance in terms of fabrication optimisation, the system impresses with its minimal space requirements. This is ensured by a combined loading and unloading magazine, which can hold profiles up to 7,500 mm and thereby enables the longest unmanned operation of the machines available on the market. The heart of the machine is the processing station: a 9 m machine bed accommodates not only the two 5-axis towers, which process the profiles on four sides – including cutting and end-of-profile processing, but also five self-positioning clamps.

  • Innovative feed process provides a wide variety of options
  • Pioneering clamp: reliable profile clamping right through to the vent profiles
  • Parallel-operating towers ensure short fabrication times


The 5-axis Schüco AF 500 CNC machine is a highly flexible, costsaving solution for fabricating windows, doors and façades from aluminium profiles. With processing lengths of up to 7,300 mm and excess lengths in two stages, 3- sided processing and end-of-profile machining, the system is the basis for virtually any metal fabrication task. Two highlights include processing and cutting of aluminium profiles in one work step as well as the CNC-controlled, self-positioning clamps, which shorten fabrication time significantly.

  • New processing head:
    high quality and flexibility, even when cutting
  • Axis-controlled clamps:
    flexible processing of short profilesn
  • New security concept:
    reduced space requirements


The Schüco AF 310, successor to the Schüco AF 300, is a new, highperformance 4-axis CNC machine for flexible tasks in metal fabrication. With intelligent control, the latest milling spindle technology with 8.5 kW and a maximum torque of 13.5 Nm, as well as simple, ergonomic operation, the machine offers maximum dynamism and precision during fabrication. The redesigned two-stage clamping area of the five motorised clamps allows a triple-track sliding unit from the Schüco ASS 70.HI or Schüco ASE 80 series to be clamped,
for example.

  • More powerful motor, especially for steel machining
  • Higher speed increases productivity in the main axis
  • Tool measurement ensures high process reliability


With its unique package of hardware and software, including the SchüCal workshop version and Schüco Docu Center, the Schüco Fabrication Data Center speeds up fabrication processes considerably for the fabricator – by means of digital access to the latest Schüco project and manual information as well as installation videos directly from the workshop. Another successful module is the workshop-compatible hardware, which is immediately ready for use without the need for training. A barcode reader ensures error-free assignment of the profile bars too.

  • The latest planning status is available digitally in the workshop at any time
  • Reliable visual check in 3D operating mode
  • Digital, time-saving online search through the manuals
  • Easy access to learning videos



One system for all units: Schüco Building Skin Control (BSC) is the comprehensive platform for the integration, control and monitoring of Schüco units in the building envelope. An open interface enables the connection of building management systems such as KNX or BACnet, as well as smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa.

The cloud-based Schüco Operation Dashboard is new. It offers an individual graphical overview, localisation and checks of all active Schüco BSC systems. On the dashboard, the user can see at a glance the live status of each mechatronic unit and a news feed. They can also plan and manage services for systems (e.g. maintenance cycles). The user-specific access management also allows the app authorisation to be managed by unit or group.

  • Intelligent control and monitoring of ventilation and ambient air quality, for example, no matter where you are
  • Simple connection to smart home systems via the Schüco cloud
  • Plan and manage service work
  • Everything at a glance on the Schüco Dashboard



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