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Schueco AvanTec SimpySmart - concealed fittings system

Attractive addition to the product range in terms of security and accessories

The system platform of the Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart concealed 180° fitting offers attractive developments in terms of security and accessories. For example, the option to equip existing window units with increased burglar resistance up to RC 2 at a later date – through the simple, standardised installation of additional locking points. This saves fabrication time and minimises the potential for errors. New to the range is the burglar-resistant RC 3 solution.

In the area of accessories, anti-slam fittings and variable limiting stays of > 90° right through to safety barriers in accordance with EN 13126-5 ensure greater flexibility whilst meeting increased performance requirements – e.g. for floor-to-ceiling window units. For increased comfort in manual operation in conjunction with high vent weights, the Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart range of accessories has been augmented with the innovative opening and closing assistance.


  • RC 2 burglar resistance optimised: stable locking keeps are installed without RC security plate
  • New: RC 3 burglar resistance – easy positioning of the RC 3 locking keeps

Enhanced function

  • Limiting stay > 90°
  • New: safety / cleaning stays for bottom-hung vents of up to 160 kg
  • Handle-controlled safety barrier
  • Schüco SimplySmart anti-slam device
  • Adjustable closing assistance
  • Enhancements to the range of accessories based on Schüco SimplySmart: simple, flexible installation logic
  • Punching of the vent frame corners no longer required: faster fabrication
  • Retrofitting possible at a later date



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