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Schueco Door ADS 75 SimplySmart

Schüco Door ADS 75 SimplySmart - the flexible core basic depth of the new system platform provides cost-effective door solutions for commercial projects and the residential market

ADS 75 SimplySmart: outstanding system properties

The Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart aluminium door system is suitable for both commercial and residential projects and is, in common with the entire system platform including side sections and toplights, compatible with the corresponding Schüco façades and Schüco windows.

The triple-skin profile construction yields a clear structural improvement and has both a fittings groove and a cable groove as standard in the additional central profile. A new, split hybrid insulating bar, for which a patent is pending, has also been created which minimises the bimetallic effect between the insulating bar and the outer profile.

Together with the continuous centre gasket, which is part of the system standard, Uf values as low as 1.6 W/(m2K) are thus achieved and sealing properties optimised without using additional insulating foams.

Schüco Tür ADSx, privater Wohnungsbau - Bild B2C Broschüre, Seite 17, links


  • Horizontalschnitt ADSx 75 mit Anschlagleiste

Enhanced function

  • Fittings groove for the efficient fabrication of all fittings
  • Use of identical parts from Schüco Door ADS 90 SimplySmart
  • Avoidance of different bar types and combinations, reduced complexity and storage requirements
  • No requirement for foam-filled insulating bars
  • Quotation for pre-rolled, customer-rolled and Schüco-rolled



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