Schüco ADS SimplySmart

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Schüco ADS SimplySmart

Designed for Excellence

Schüco ADS SimplySmart is the result of the peerless engineering expertise of Schüco. A clear product portfolio has opened up a new dimension of simplified system delimitation. In particular, this is based on the 5-chamber aluminium profile construction, which is a new symmetrical construction principle for all basic depths; the new system feature of the hybrid insulating bar, for which a patent is pending; and a new, innovative centre gasket concept.

The benefits are revolutionary. With simplified planning, fabrication and installation, door solutions which offer significantly greater stability, weathertightness and durability can be created for all basic depths – even in large-format and passive house designs. Schüco ADS SimplySmart also impresses in terms of design with sophisticated detailed solutions. With regard to appearance, the new door series can be combined seamlessly with all Schüco façade and window systems.

ADS 75 SimplySmart

Outstanding system properties

The ADS 75 SimplySmart aluminium door system is based on a newly developed 5-chamber profile system with a triple skin construction combined with a double-web profile. A fixed insulating bar between the inner and centre profiles provides a high level of stability, while the split insulating bar between the insulating bar and the aluminium outer profile considerably reduces the bimetallic effect. Together with the continuous centre gasket, which is part of the system standard, Uf values as low as 1.6 W/(m2K) are thus achieved and sealing properties optimised without using additional insulating foams.

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ADS 90 SimplySmart

Excellent thermal insulation

With a continuous double centre gasket and glazing rebate insulation fitted as standard, this door series achieves Uf values as low as 1.3 W/(m2K). Furthermore, it boasts outstanding system properties in terms of air- and watertightness as well as wind load. With its inner, outer and central profiles, the profile construction is identical to Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart.

ADS 90.SI SimplySmart

Passive house standard without additional fabrication requirements

Even the highest thermal insulation requirements are not a problem with Schüco ADS SimplySmart – by simply using foam-filled insulating bars, ADS 90 SimplySmart becomes ADS 90.SI SimplySmart. With a Uf value of 1.0 W/(m2K), this door achieves passive house standard. By using additional insulation, the highly thermally insulated door can therefore be fabricated without the additional work required previously.

ADS 90.Si SimplySmart Design Edition

For the most demanding requirements in terms of aesthetics and function

Schüco ADS 90.SI SimplySmart Design Edition stands for sophisticated aesthetics in residential construction. The new aluminium entrance door is characterised by an illuminated flush pull grip integrated in the profile and an aluminium door infill that is leaf-enclosing on both sides. Visually, this creates a flush-fitted unit comprising the door and handle when viewed from the outside.

An excellent reception

The Schüco ADS 90.SI SimplySmart Design Edition has already won several design awards such as the german design award, the red dot award, the iconic award and the iF design award.

Assembly in detail

The design principle for all basic depths and the symmetrical profile construction ensure a reduction in the potential for error in the workshop and on the building site due to identical working steps and extensive use of the same parts. New developments such as the continuous threshold solution or the innovative centre gasket concept are detailed opposite.

SimplySmart barrel hinge

Systematic simplification was also the main idea in the development of the new Schüco SimplySmart aluminium barrel hinge. A hinge for all applications: the SimplySmart barrel hinges can be used for inward, outward and DIN LH/RH-opening doors across all basic depths.

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