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An independent study of materials confirms the sustainability of Schüco products and the materials used:

 Sustainability assessment of windows and curtain walls (pdf, 3.7 MB)


Due to its endless malleability and diverse surface finishes, aluminum gives architects maximum design freedom when planning pioneering buildings suitable for the future – and it is ecologically valuable too. Modern aluminum façade units have low U values. They therefore make a considerable contribution to the positive eco-balance of a building. Optimum material thicknesses when constructing the systems ensure low raw material consumption. Mechanical robustness and corrosion resistance guarantee a long life, and therefore a high degree of sustainability. Aluminum is completely harmless to health. Once extracted it can be recycled indefinitely, retaining all its qualities during the recycling process. Even the swarf can be recycled.


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Find out more about the sustainability measures Schüco is undertaking to tackle the global challenges of our time.

Valuable Materials