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Residential Windows
Explore the Schüco AWS 75.SI
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Residential Windows: Explore the Schüco AWS 75.SI

Schüco Residential Solutions (SRS)

Schüco Residential Solutions (SRS) is a new division within Schüco USA, created to solely serve the residential market in the US, offering modern, European windows and doors that follow contemporary design trends. 

Within SRS, Schüco USA serves the North American residential market with a streamlined configuration, ordering and fabrication process and meets market demand as it relates to lead time and agility in service. Through local manufacturing, competitive pricing, and easily accessible Schüco products, tested to American standards, have become a reality.

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Authorized Dealer

We solely work with authorized Schüco dealerships that sell Schüco fabricated and finished windows, sliding doors and entrance doors and install them with their own crew. Schüco authorized dealerships act as a direct partner of Schüco USA, offering Schüco USA warranty on products sold through your dealership.

A successful partnership right from the start

To get you and your team started successfully, we offer hands-on training on Schüco systems, product knowledge, installation techniques and physical mock ups by our Schüco Field Technicians. 

Being part of the SRS Dealer Network makes the quotation process easy. Our specifically developed custom quoting software tool helps you to create independent quotes for your customer requests:

  • Provide quotes for window and door packages with individual proposals and product overviews for your customers
  • Place and approve orders directly through the portal
  • Streamline the process by sending the fabrication order directly to Schüco manufacturing and keep track of the order status in real time

Marketing Support

As an authorized dealer you can acquire a Schüco showroom display with a window sample, color and handle samples as well as brochures and animated screen; benefit from the support of the Schüco marketing team and establish yourself as the SRS dealer in your area. 

Interested in becoming an authorized Schüco dealer?

There are some extraordinary opportunities to become part of the growing Schüco network of dealers. To learn more about the journey, click on the link below and contact us.


Residential Windows, Sliding Doors and Entrance Doors


Dive deeper and learn more about the product offerings




Sliding doors


Entrance doors

Color Options, Glass and Hardware


The products are being offered in 5 AAMA 2604 powder code finishes, with a warranty on the finish, and corresponding hardware in silver, black and white. We will also offer 5 types of IG glass options to accommodate the different climates within the US. All products are tested to the American market and only offered in tested sizes, no oversize or custom systems are available through SRS.

German Engineering. Made in America.

Think Global. Act Local. The Schüco USA headquarters and manufacturing facility are conveniently located in Newington, Connecticut. Take a look and our fabrication plant.

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