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With the 360° approach to sustainability, Schüco is rising to the challenge of offering systems for energy-saving, economical and future-proof buildings. The demand is for working and living spaces that meet the needs of users and promote health, while minimising the consumption of energy and preserving resources. This comprises the whole lifecycle of a product; from manufacture to usage, right through to the possibility of recycling. Schüco is committed to all of these aspects. People spend the majority of their lives in buildings. This makes it all the more important for building technology to meet the highest demands in terms of design, comfort and security. At the same time, energy efficiency allows buildings to make a decisive contribution to reducing CO2emissions and thereby conserving natural resources.

Schüco offers system solutions for the entire building which lower the energy requirement through high thermal insulation and optimised and automated adjustment of operating temperatures and ventilation cycles. Furthermore, the building can generate its own energy through the integration of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), and they also support climate protection by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and the associated emissions. The interplay of all these elements creates buildings that offer people a high degree of comfort. Only materials that guarantee durability and can be recycled are used in the production of Schüco systems. Schüco thus creates technologies that focus on people and which are in harmony with nature.


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360° Sustainability