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  • More than a view

More than a view

Schüco doors for a world without walls

Experience a new way of living - full of light, air and freedom

Creating a home is so much more than building or renovating a house. A home provides a feeling of wellbeing and the freedom to embrace our individuality. Home gives us security, belonging and identity.

Fill your home with natural light and a sense of space without compromising on warmth and comfort. Whatever your requirements, we can help. Schüco made-to-measure aluminium systems will transform your home.
So much more than a view.

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Schüco products combine German precision engineering with high-quality British manufacturing. We collaborate with a network of highly trained Schüco partners who can advise which Schüco door will best suit your home. 

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Project support for architects

Do your clients demand the best? Are you looking for innovative, robust and tried-and-tested solutions? We offer project support for architects. Our range of products can be tailored to fit your requirements. Email or click on the livechat icon to get in touch.

Which door should I choose?

Schüco offer a range of sliding, lift-and-slide and bi-fold doors providing a variety of different opening types. Whichever door you choose will combine perfect functionality with sleek, contemporary design.

Panoramic sliding doors

Generous openings

Do you need a door that can be effortlessly pushed to one side creating a generous opening without having to accommodate panels protruding into the room or outdoor area? Schüco panoramic sliding doors operate on precision-engineered stainless steel tracks. They open up to two-thirds of the width of the total door width and can be manufactured to combine up to six glazed frames in one unit.

Lift-and-slide doors
Perfect weathertightness

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to move a lift-and-slide door. The high quality roller mechanism ensures the panels are light and easy to move but, when closed, the system seals for the ultimate draught-free fit. Lift-and-slide doors can be opened to one side or from the middle. Up to three tracks allow large opening widths and therefore flexible use in large-format glass constructions.

Bi-fold doors
Bifold doors
Truly amazing space savers

Fold away entire walls whenever you want with bi-fold doors. Schüco bi-fold doors give huge expanses of glazing that are engineered to be smooth and easy to operate. The individual panels fold into narrow stacks and glide to the side either outwards or inwards. With slim aluminium profiles available in a range of colour finishes and opening options this system gives great design flexibility. 

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More than a view