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5-axis CNC machine Schüco AF 500 ECO

The smart combination of cutting and preparation

The AF 500 ECO is the latest 5-axis CNC machine from Schüco. Its key benefit is that it combines the cutting and preparation production steps with an innovative ecological concept. The machine works in a particularly sustainable way thanks to its smart energy recovery function. Reduced energy consumption and time savings through the combination of cutting and preparation in a single machine provide economical advantages during fabrication.

The AF 500 ECO has been specifically developed for the processing of window, door, façade and special profiles made from aluminium. In addition to its economic efficiency, the CNC machine has an enormous amount of processing potential. For example, it is designed to meet the most wide-ranging requirements of profile processing. Individual, special profiles or complex mitre cuts (e.g. jack rafter cuts) are always carried our reliably.

Key benefits of the AF 500 ECO

  • Considerable time savings thanks to the combination of cutting and preparation
  • The best possible use of materials due to softwarecontrolled cutting optimisation
  • Sustainable and economical thanks to smart energy recovery
  • Preventive maintenance by means of the integrated vibration monitoring function
  • Minimum space required thanks to the latest bumper technology

“With this machine, we are able to give every customer the benefits of a five-axis machine. Efficiency then stops being a question of company size.”

Andrej Ezau, Project Leader, Fabrication Products

What is special about working with the AF 500 ECO?

The design of the machine's bumper enables easy and ergonomic loading and unloading. This openness creates maximum flexibility and means that anti-slip mats and safety saws no longer need to be used. The 12 kW motor provides a torque of 15.2 Nm in all of the relevant speed ranges. This ensures a high level of stability during fabrication. A state-of-the-art control concept enables the future-oriented fabrication of aluminium profiles.

With its Predictive Maintenance Function, the Schüco AF 500 ECO CNC machine already meets a key requirement of Industry 4.0. Thanks to the integrated measurement of vibrations, comprehensive diagnosis of all the important parts of the machine can be carried out at all times. 6-sided processing is a matter of course with the AF 500 family and the large range of travel of the machine accommodates processing lengths of up to 7850 mm and max. 7300 when the end of the profile is machined.

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