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Fabrication Data Centre

Fast and efficient fabrication of aluminium units

The Schüco Fabrication Data Centre is a hardware and software package that supports the fabrication process of Schüco systems. All of the information relevant to fabrication can be accessed directly in the workshop via the FDC.

How exactly does the Fabrication Data Center work?

The FDC is based on a version of SchüCal (the calculation and work preparation software from Schüco) that has been optimised for use in the workshop. A typical machining process involves bars coming from the saw being identified by means of their barcode. SchüCal in the FDC immediately finds the item for fabrication and calls up the relevant documents, such as roller diagrams and material or cutting lists. The processes are displayed on-screen in 3D for the metal fabricator, who can then easily identify all of the article details. With one click, they are able to find the correct page of the manual – so much faster and more up-to-date than searching through printed documentation. The information required is available centrally, right where it is needed – this provides reliability and increases fabrication quality.

FDC - flexible solution for the workshop

The FDC is designed for use in the workshop. The touch function via the display simplifies operation during fabrication. The software configuration can be adapted to suit the requirements of the metal fabricator. That means that extensions, such as a DWG viewer or systems for recording operating data, can be integrated into the FDC. As an option, a rights management system can group together the information logically by the different user groups. The ideal extension for the FDC is the SchüCal MES (Manufacturing Execution System). This is a fabrication control system that can be used to effectively manage, monitor and regulate production processes.

What are the benefits of the Fabrication Data Center?

It is paperless and always up-to-date. The FDC displays unit information, drawings and fabrication lists where they are needed most – in the workshop. Up-to-date product data and installation videos are also available at all times via the integrated online manuals in Docu Center. This saves time and avoids errors caused by missing or outdated information.

Reliable fabrication. A barcode reader ensures error-free assignment of the profile bars. Visual checks in 3D mode also provide added security during processing. This increases the fabrication quality and reduces the production time.

Simplified fittings installation. The locking bar software in the FDC controls the LA10 locking bar machine directly and therefore makes fabricating the Schüco Simply Smart fitting easier, faster and more reliable. Visually presented information about the position of the fittings components including their article numbers and how-to videos, simplifies manual installation of the fittings.

Flexible use: the mobile FDC

The new version of the FDC workshop terminal is portable and designed for use in all areas of fabrication. This increases efficiency. The workshop-compatible hardware can be used without any training. The innovative package with tailored software and hardware, plus time-saving service comprises:

Tablet PC with

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 13.3 inch UHD display

Preinstalled software

  • Schüco Desktop
  • Locking bar software
  • SchüCal workshop edition
  • Docu Center
  • DWG-DXF viewer
  • BDE terminal for ERPlus (optional)
  • AET software
  • SchüCal MES terminal (optional)

Services included

  • Preinstallation, delivery, collection, replacement service
  • Support for hardware and software
  • Update service for the relevant software

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