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Getting things up and running together.

At Schüco, all employees are team players: as part of the Schüco brand ambassador programme, more than 1200 employees are already conveying these values to the outside world as they conquer international sporting facilities. At work, as in sport, they experience success together and find solutions for every challenge.

“During sporting activities, you get to know a whole different aspect of your colleagues.”

  • “Travelling with just my toothbrush and paraglider.” Jörg Adelsberger
  • “Pilgrimage on two wheels.” Nuno Correira de Freitas
  • “Sport unites – all over the world” Hans Mager
  • Armed with just a toothbrush and my paraglider, I flew over 700 kilometres from the South of France to Austria as a Schüco brand ambassador. Being alone in the Engadin at 4400 m in altitude and flying past Mont Blanc – these things demand respect and increase concentration.”

  • I always wanted to travel along the Way of St. James, but never had the time. I combined my dream with my passion for cycling and covered almost 300 km in three days as a pilgrim. The experience was more than worth it, as I met some lovely people along the way and it gave me a new lease of energy for upcoming projects.”

  • “As a Sales employee, I am always travelling around the world. So that I can stay fit, running shoes are the most important item in my luggage. I have particularly unforgettable experiences when international colleagues go for a run with me and show me their neighbourhood. For example, in the snow and ice in Siberia or passing the Buddha in South Korea.”

Brand ambassador event highlights

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Schüco employees demonstrate all kinds of team spirit and determination at sporting events.

Schüco Sports company fun run

Over 1300 cross the finish line in the SchücoArena

At the successful premiere of the Schüco Sports company fun run in June 2016, Schüco, with 124 runners, had the second largest team after the Bielefeld Evangelical Hospital. A particular highlight was the race finish „on the hallowed turf“ of the SchücoArena.

45th Hermannslauf race

31.1 kilometres in sun, rain and snow

All of the starting places for the 45th Hermannslauf race were allocated after just a few hours. Schüco started with a team of 15 brand ambassadors, who and fought through adverse weather conditions from the Hermannsdenkmal in Detmold to the finish at the Sparrenburg Castle in Bielefeld.

Klosterpforten Cup 2015

Getting the ball rolling

Company teams against all-stars: Together with other companies and former professionals, 11 brand ambassadors played football for a good cause. The former professionals of VFL Bochum emerged victorious.

Thanks to the Brand Ambassador programme, I have got to know colleagues from a wide range of areas. The aim of presenting Schüco always connects us time and again.

Marina Rohleder

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