Virtual Realitiy - VR

Explore the Possibilities

At VCL, we are forging new strategies in project delivery and new frontiers in the built environment. The way we present design and performance concepts continues to evolve and VCL is constantly researching and experimenting with the latest technology. We now have a team fully dedicated to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) development. Combined with our engineering, animation and software development capabilities, we have developed the Schüco Virtual Showroom (SVS) a unique platform in the building industry.

Free Space in the virtual world

Space often limits the size and quantity of products featured in showrooms – not anymore. SVS opens up a whole new dimension of your showroom where you can display and interact with a limitless number of Schüco products. The component explode module allows users to view full-scale products assembled and expanded with the ability to pick up and examine individual components.

Product Operation & Performance Simulation

One of the best ways to learn is with hands-on experience and, with the SVS, users can interact with Schüco products in ways that provide deeper understanding and mimic their real-world operation and performance. All products within SVS are operable, just as they would be in reality. Additionally, the cutting-edge acoustics module simulates acoustic performance. This module was developed using real acoustic data to provide live sound attenuation as the user opens and closes a sliding door.

See it to believe it

Sometimes it can be a challenge to convince stakeholders of the best design solution. With tools like the facade swap module, participants can actively examine the difference between various facade systems in full scale 3D, right before their eyes.


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