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The Virtual Construction Lab of Schüco (VCL) creates high-quality, customized sales proposals in collaboration with and on behalf of Schüco Partners. Each proposal is treated as a unique development with a custom delivery strategy in response to a set of considerations presented by project design requirements. This custom strategy is developed through a uniform processes unique to VCL that embraces the spectrum of activities from preconstruction through design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly, and installation.

Our Approach

VCL proposals provide a detailed explanation of the proposed project solution and highlight specific benefits of the design. Due to the modular and flexible service offering, both small building projects incorporating many system products and complex international projects with special solutions will greatly benefit from VCL proposals. Our proposals can include a varying set of deliverables ranging from simple design and concept drawings to advanced animations and physical prototypes.Our services are extremely flexible, robust and completely customizable to every project and client. We invite you to take a closer look at our service offerings and deliverables below.

Murray Altman, Pre-Construction Manager
VCL allows us to validate system design and to see things earlier on so that we can mitigate the risk of unforeseen labor requirements. VCL is a wonderful tool for us – it’s cutting edge and it really puts us ahead of our competition.

Michal Zagora, Procurement Specialist | Envelop | SK
I have never seen such a facade presentation and it made a very good impression – both the animation and the book. The VCL design proposal gives people who are not entirely "familiar" with façade technology a good understanding of how the facade is constructed and the opportunity to assess the visual impression it will have. For facade experts who are familiar, they can also check the proposed solution in the book and find the details represented in 3D.

Ing. Michal Lavrincik, Director for Facades Constructions
VCL service is a great asset to our company. In addition to the marketing presentation of INGSTEEL and SCHÜCO's mutual cooperation, it has also provided a competitive advantage at the tender stage and contributed to the acquisition of an important unitised facade project.

Clip Brochure

Standard Project

The Clip Brochure provides customers with a high-quality deliverable in a fraction of the time. The brochure is comprised of a custom-printed booklet and a digital touch screen display.
The Clip Brochure usually has a 2-week turnaround and is best suited for less complex building projects using standard Schüco systems.

Details Explained

The booklet includes an overall “hero” shot rendering of the building project, a brief written overview and schematic 2D representation of the facade, two rendered views of a single detail, and a full-bleed rendering of the building facade.

Animations at your fingertips

The touch screen displays four individual video clips, each typically 10-20 seconds in length. The clips feature standard Schüco unitized or stick-built facade systems demonstrating bracket installation, system installation, gasket and sealing, and additional features.

Sleek Design

The brochure is small and compact (215mm x 140mm x 15mm) with a simple, clean design. The window cutouts on the front cover reveal a rendered view of the building façade providing a customized look.

Feature Animation

Advanced Project

A Feature Animation can demonstrate the sequence of events for any aspect of the building project – from design and fabrication to site logistics and installation procedure. Our team of skilled CG artists will creatively bring the construction of your building project to life. Depending on the complexity of the project and services requested, they are typically two to three minutes in length. The Feature Animation usually has a 6-week turnaround and is suited for fully custom and complex building projects.

Means & Methods

Anticipating the transition from 2D to 3D to reality can be difficult to convey to key stakeholders, especially when they come from a less technical background. A Feature Animation helps bridge this gap by visually explaining project-specific methods in a way everyone will understand.


Feature Animations provide virtual tours of the building site, showing solutions to anticipated and unanticipated project challenges with top-quality digital animation graphics. Demonstrating this level of planning so early on in the project construction leaves stakeholders feeling confident in your ability to deliver.

Dynamic Proposal

Advanced Project

The Dynamic Proposal is the ultimate, all-encompassing VCL proposal package. The Dynamic Proposal includes a printed book and accompanying digital animation. Depending on the complexity of the project and services requested, proposal books are typically between 100 and 150 pages and animations are typically 2 to 3 minutes in length.

The Dynamic Proposal communications design solutions clearly and efficiently through project-specific animation and full scale 3D-printed prototypes. Providing such a comprehensive package creates confidence among clients by demonstrating deeper understanding of project requirements. The Dynamic Proposal usually has a 6-week turnaround and is best suited for complex building and residential projects where conveying the technical aspects of the design is critical.

2D Design Drawings

Typical system details, included in the design section of the proposal book, demonstrate the system concept through annotated and dimensioned line-drawings. Custom system configurations, interface details, partial plans and elevations, anchor system and attachment mechanisms are commonly included.

3D Visualization

To accompany the 2D design drawings, project components are represented through realistic, 3D renderings illustrating the corresponding system details. Renderings are especially effective for communicating the proposed approach to stakeholders with a less technical background.

Performance Analysis

The foundation of a successful project is through analysis, performance evaluation, and engineering. VCL performs preliminary calculations to review and confirm the given design criteria. Analysis can demonstrate structural performance and member size verifications, evaluation of thermal efficiency and condensation characteristics, acoustic, and blast performance. Calculation and formatting are always in accordance with local standards.

Digital Proposal

Advanced Project

The Digital Proposal is the newest solution from VCL, providing the extended technical content of a Dynamic Proposal book in a fully web-based interactive platform. In a Digital Proposal, your building project model is optimized and imported to our online interactive viewer, allowing anyone with the link to explore the building from their personal screen. The Digital Proposal usually has a 6-week turnaround and is best suited for complex building and residential projects where conveying the technical aspects of the design is critical.

Differentiated Systems

The Digital Proposal interface includes a menu highlighting the various system products within the building project. As the user hovers over different product names, the overall view of the building model shows highlights where those products exist within the design. By selecting a specific product from this menu, the screen zooms to fit a close-up, centered view of the product within the building model.

Interactive Exploration

Different view options in the product menu allow the user to dissect the product on a deeper level by cutting a cross section, visualizing operation with sliders to open and close, and exploding components for a closer look at details and composition. Viewers can also simulate the thermal performance by adjusting the external temperature.

Seamless Updates

One of the best features of the Digital Proposal is the ability to update the model as the design changes. Because it is web-based, updates to the model are saved in realtime and will automatically be visible to anyone with the link.


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