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Steel stands for design, aesthetics, durability, security and slimline elegance. Schüco Jansen Steel Systems provides steel, Corten steel and stainless steel solutions for windows, doors and façades for exteriors, interiors, renovations and newbuilds. Very narrow profile dimensions provide more light and more scope for creativity.
Based on their material properties, profile systems from Schüco Jansen Steel Systems are particularly suitable for use in all projects subject to frequent use by the public, in commercial and industrial buildings, in schools and hospitals, sports and leisure centres, and in service centres and railway stations.

What makes the health & safety door so special?

  • Used in buildings with high requirements in terms of frequency of use, hygiene and robustness, e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, schools and nurseries
  • Schüco SmartActive door handles for outstanding hygiene
    • Long-lasting, microbiologically verifiable antimicrobial protection using high-purity microsilver
    • Guaranteed to be free of nano-particles
  • Enclosed, low-maintenance profile contour
  • Highly robust doors: mechanical strength class 4 (EN 1192) in combination with safety bar
  • Resistant to repeated opening and closing up to 1 million cycles (class 8 in accordance with EN 12400)
  • Safety bar with approval for T30, T90 and smoke doors
  • Consistent appearance for both fire and smoke doors as well as standard doors.

For more information on the health & safety door, please contact your steel APM.

New issue of the “SCALE” customer magazine

An award-winning museum, a bank, a prison or how about the Europa building?

This issue of the SCALE magazine takes a look at the topic of security and clearly shows how robust structures can be realised using heavy-duty steel profile systems, while also meeting the strictest security requirements at the same time. The issue also showcases a number of projects that have been carried out in various countries – during which Jansen put its security expertise to the test.


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Architecture in steel (pdf, 44 MB)

Steel windows

Steel windows are characterised by high stability and robustness with slimline face widths. Schüco Jansen Steel Systems offers non-insulated, thermally insulated and highly thermally insulated systems for the different applications, from traditional to modern. The systems are also easy to shape.

  • Narrow face widths thanks to slimline and solid profiles
  • Suitable U values for any application (from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated)
  • Renovation in keeping with the original style, in particular historical industrial, transport and administration buildings
  • Many opening types and special geometries as well as combinations thereof
  • Material selection for every requirement (steel, stainless steel, Corten steel)
  • Robust and secure (burglar and bullet-resistant)

Product information

Steel doors

The wide range of non-insulated and thermally insulated door systems exploits the numerous benefits of steel as a material and covers both standard applications and complex, special requirements. Steel is robust and resistant to mechanical damage. It also offers new possibilities in terms of structural dimensioning, fire-resistant, burglar-resistant and bullet-resistant constructions, and sound reduction.

  • Material-specific benefits for maximum number of usage categories (public and highly frequented areas)
  • Suitable U values for any application (from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated)
  • Maximum sound reduction values ensure comfort
  • Robust and secure (burglar and bullet-resistant)
  • A wide variety of design options from traditional to modern

Product information

Steel façades

VISS façade systems build on the benefits of steel and offer solutions for horizontal and vertical glazing. The VISS façade system allows architects and developers to meet a range of thermal insulation, sound reduction and fire protection requirements while maintaining a uniform appearance.

  • Modular system components for maximum planning freedom and cost-effectiveness
  • Optimum dimensioning thanks to load-bearing structures that are floating, clamped on one side or continuous
  • Basic depths up to 280 mm and profiles with high structural properties allow maximum load-bearing capacity
  • Large spans and module widths with narrow room-side face widths of 50 mm and 60 mm
  • Robust and secure (burglar and bullet-resistant)
  • Uniform appearance for thermal insulation, sound reduction and fire protection
  • A wide selection of load-bearing and cover profiles provides extensive design options

Product Information

Security systems

Steel is the perfect material for the production of fire doors and glazing, as it is neither flammable nor does it suffer any significant loss of its inherent stability in the event of a fire. The products from Schüco Jansen Steel Systems are suitable for private, commercial and public buildings and conform to design and security demands.

  • Transparency through narrow profile face widths and minimal profile basic depths
  • Smoke and fire protection for all classes (G30 to G90 and T/F30 to T/F90)
  • Butt joint glazing for uniform surfaces and transparency
  • Active protection through burglar resistance
  • Steel and stainless steel systems

Product information

Steel systems business Jansen AG, based in Oberriet, Switzerland, has had a close partnership with Schüco since 2000. Schüco offers consultancy for and sells system products in Germany and other European markets under the name Schüco Jansen Steel Systems. This process allows developers and architects to benefit from both the innovative range of Jansen products and the advisory skills of the local consultants.

Other services

  • Professional advice based on comprehensive tests as well as expert reports for all steel profile systems
  • Preliminary calculations for structural challenges via structural analysis tools, external structural engineering practices and partners
  • Support in developing steel special constructions and solutions
  • Advice on the safety features of steel profile systems with regard to fire protection, burglar resistance and bullet resistance
  • Support based on isothermal flows and U value calculations for selecting attachments to the building structure and narrow profiles
  • Creation of specification concepts and provision of standard specification texts

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