Schüco Virtual Showroom

Schüco Virtual Showroom opens up a new dimension of presentation. Visualisation of any number of products in interactive, virtual installation scenarios impressively demonstrates the advantages and benefits of Schüco systems.

  • 3D product display in different buildings and installation locations
  • Visualisation of the product functions
  • Import your own 3D building models

Schüco Plan.One

As an interactive business intelligence tool, Plan.One enables the digitalisation of work processes and revolutionises the interaction between architects, developers, manufacturers and contracted companies in the construction industry.

Search engine and comparison portal for information relevant to building planning.

Designed as an intelligent assistance system by architects and for architects, Plan.One allows you to quickly search for and compare products tailored perfectly to your building project. It’s manufacturer-independent, intuitive and takes just a few clicks. Plan.One creates market transparency, saves time on lengthy searches, and simplifies and speeds up the workflow. Search results can be saved, while product details and planning information can be copied over directly into standard planning software.

Schüco PolyPlan

Schüco PolyPlan – the software solution for fast, cost-effective and reliable design and specification of PVC-U windows and doors.

Design and specification made easy

Schüco offers a wide range of calculation and display options to design and determine the specifi­cations of your PVC-U windows and doors. Based on the latest regulations and standards, Schüco PolyPlan is the perfect tool to help simplify and enhance your daily work.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM supports the universal use of digital components and efficiently links everyone involved in the planning, construction and operation of buildings. At its heart is a digital data model, which is used to create a virtual version of the planned construction project before any actual building work takes place. The Building Information Modelling tools make it possible for the partners involved to exchange and share information.

Our BIM objects include:

  • Geometric data
  • Technical information
  • Organisational information

Schüco provides BIM data for both its aluminium and PVC-U series.
For more information about use of this data, visit

Schüco PolyCal powered by ORGADATA

Schüco PolyCal - the window design Software for easily and efficiently calculating and fabricating Schüco PVC-U windows and doors.

Calculation and fabrication made easy

Schüco PolyCal offers the option for unit entry, calculation and cutting optimisation of PVC-U windows and doors. The software also contains tools for section detail displays, statics calculation and machinery control.

Schüco PlanToBuild

With it's wide range of modules, PlanToBuild supports project teams with efficient planning, control and implementation of Building projects.

Reliable, web-based project management platform

Whether it's schedule and task management, document collaboration, incident management, daily construction reports or defect management – PlanToBuild is the ideal partner. A further highlight is a 2D or 3D digital building model, which provides a quick and simple overview of the items in the specification, their properties and location. The PlanToBuild platform can be accessed easily via a web browser and allows for digital networking and communication with all internal staff and third parties involved in the project anytime, anywhere. A clear competitive advantage for fabricators:

Schüco PolyWeb

Schüco PolyWeb – the online Schüco platform for easily and efficiently calcula­ting and ordering Schüco PVC-U special construction units.


The online platform for special constructions

With Schüco PolyWeb, Schüco is supporting its partners' individual work preparation process for particularly challenging units.

From planning and the creation of cutting lists through to calculation and optimisation, your special building project could not be easier.

Workshop planning

Whether it's a newbuild or renovation project, with Schüco 3D workshop plan­ning, you can optimise all of the processes in your machinery area and generate more added value with individual solutions.

Be completely worry-free with the best advice from Schüco workshop planning. In order to utilise available resources in the best possible way and increase quality and performance, the current fabrication processes are initially con­sidered as part of an as-is analysis. The focus is on use of space, operator ergonomics, ma­chine capacity as well as material flow and di­gital solutions. These factors are assessed on the basis of the current workshop layout and production ran­ge. Based on this, Schüco designs a new, indivi­dual fabrication concept which is adapted to suit the actual conditions and the needs of the Schüco partner. The result is long-term cost reduction and quality assurance through pro­cess optimisation and increase in efficiency in all areas of fabrication.


In order to meet increasing requirements in building projects, Schüco Polymer Technologies offers advice as well as numerous services and digital solutions for all phases of the construction process – from the initial idea through to design, fabrication and installation.

Schüco double-headed mitre saw ZGS 314

The Schüco ZGS 314 is a double-headed mitre saw for cutting PVC-U profiles in pairs. The double-headed mitre saw is designed as a robust cast steel construction. An accurate electric adjustment device is used to set the machine length, and the saw head is positioned by means of tempered toothed racks using a direct measuring system and servomotor. The saw is controlled by a PC control system using function keys, an Intel Pentium processor, disk drive and 17" monitor.

Features and benefits:

  • Two saw heads with hydro-pneumatic fee­der
  • Centrally adjustable saw carriage
  • Protective hoods over the saw area with ext­raction nozzles (diameter 80 mm)
  • Pneumatic profile clamping from front and top for all swivel settings
  • Manually operated centre support to prevent profile deflections 

Schüco glazing bead milling cutter GLF-100

The Schüco GLF 100 is a glazing bead milling cutter for manually post-processing glazing beads for small window dimensions.The machine is suitable for the Schüco CT 70 and Schüco LivIng profile systems. After being cut to length on the glazing bead saw, two glazing beads are held in place by a double clamp and machined. This removes the need to bend and cut the beads in the retaining base.

Features and benefits

  • Milling spindle for accommodating one milling disc
  • Pneumatic clamping device
  • Depth stop for different recesses
  • Simultaneous processing of two profiles
  • Manual cutting feed

Schüco gasket milling machine
DF 100

The Schüco DF 100 is a gasket milling machine for automatically notching the outer and vent frame gasket (glazing rebate gasket). The machine is fitted with two supports in order to machine two profiles in parallel in one working step.

Features and benefits

  • Milling spindle for accommodating one milling disc
  • Pneumatic clamping device
  • Simultaneous processing of two profiles
  • Manual cutting feed

Schüco insulating bar and gasket milling machine SDF 100 NC 

The Schüco SDF 100 NC insulating bar and gasket milling machine is used for automatic notching of aluminium insulating bars in the Schüco LivIng Alu Inside profile system as well as for machi­ning gaskets for the Schüco LivIng and Schüco CT 70 systems. The machine is fitted with two routing motors and 2-axis NC control, in order to machine two profiles in parallel in one wor­king step. The NC control is powered by two three-phase servo drives.

Features and benefits

  • Two routing motors, each accommodating two milling discs
  • Frequency converter for adjusting the ma­chining of gaskets
  • NC control with Windows interface 

Schüco profile processing centre TH-PBZ-4

All of the important components such as the control unit, operator guidance via monitor, scanner, and buffer for transport in/out have been clearly arranged in the modular processing centre for the Schüco CT 70 and Schüco LivIng PVC-U systems. The design of the PBZ profile processing centre, which can be accessed from all sides, ensures fast tool change, and simple maintenance and servicing. The dynamic reinforcement screwdriver for aluminium/steel reinforcements is located on a separate servo axis in front of the live ring, so that the screw connection can be carried out in parallel with the processing. This function increases the machine's capacity by approx. 25%.

Features and benefits

  • Variable tool set-up for up to 8 tools plus reinforcement screwdriver, including a set of replacement tools
  • All milling and drilling units are located on a live ring and can be freely programmed
  • Vertically adjustable screw positions as well as horizontally and vertically adjustable gripper positions Programmable drilling patterns and visual error diagnosis
  • Programmable drilling patterns and visual error diagnosis

Schüco four-headed welding machine SMH 510

The Schüco SMH 510 four-headed welding machine is a high-temperature welding machine consisting of a durable, robust four-headed welding machine for welding four corner joints at an angle of 90° with throughput times of under 80 seconds. The machine works with a parallel feed process with electronic positioning control of the welding heads.

Features and benefits

  • Continuous adjustment of the weld bead restriction between 0.2 and 2.0 mm as well as the melt/compression movement by means of servo drives
  • Zero tools for outer frame tools
  • Quick change system for outer limits
  • Gasket forming units push and pull
  • Automatic transport out

Schüco automatic corner cleaner  EPA 579

The Schüco EPA 579 automatic corner cleaner is a CNC corner cleaning machine with up to seven axes for the complete processing of corners on PVC-U window frames.


Features and benefits

  • Durable precision thanks to attachment of flat guides on machined surfaces
  • Four CNC axes (up to seven as an option) offer a high level of reproduction precision and short throughput times
  • High number of six tool positions at both top and bottom (up to twelve as an option)
  • Rotating mechanism with controlled motor for even rotation, even with inconvenient unit sizes
  • Modern Windows control

Schüco RAE-100

For efficiently fabricating Schüco VarioTec, Schüco VarioTec NI and Schüco VarioTec Air fittings systems with mechanised locking bar preparation. The Schüco VarioTec software is available as a calculation basis. An 11.6" tablet is optionally available to visually display the program-based and manual installation of fittings.

Features and benefits

  • Standing reel with tilt function for easy fitting
  • Manual locking bar feed using digital display and crank handle
  • Locking bar punch with foot pedal and sliders
  • Collecting tray for storing fabricated locking bars
  • Pivoting support for fabrication documents or tablet

Schüco vent fittings centre FAZ-100

Modular fittings centre for program-controlled, efficient installation of the Schüco VarioTec, Schüco VarioTec NI and Schüco VarioTec Air fittings systems with automatic locking bar processing. All necessary locking bar calculations for individual opening types, vent sizes and individual load types are carried out automatically. The calculated locking bar is then machined, displayed on the touchscreen and output in the order of the assembly process. The installation can be a fully stand-alone work station or one included in a network.

Features and benefits

  • Steel construction with integrated locking bar reel
  • Height adjustment from 960 to 1100 mm
  • Scanning of the glazing bead dimension with integrated rebate
  • Automatic locking bar processing with out­put to a collecting tray 

Schüco vent automatic screwdriver  FSA-100

The Schüco FSA-100 automatic screwdriver is a robust machine construction for automated ins­tallation of fittings. In conjunction with the Schüco FAZ-100 vent fittings centre, it allows fittings to be installed in less than two minutes. The extremely quick throughput times that result for fittings installation are the best in the market and guarantee increased production capacity with reduced unit labour costs. The adjusted cycle times for large production lines ensure error-free throughput for the entire window production.

Features and benefits

  • Modular construction in conjunction with the Schüco FAZ-100 vent fittings centre
  • Optimised 2-axis screwdriver for screwing to­gether two sides at the same time
  • Automated positioning and alignment of window units
  • Automatic monitoring of torque for all screwed components with error messages
  • Designed for all Schüco VarioTec window fittings systems 

Schüco glazing bead saw GLA 403 / 401

For cutting glazing beads with and without gasket to 45°. The machine has two special glazing bead locating grooves which allow two / four glazing beads to be cut simultaneously under tension. The machine is also distinguished by its high precision and continuously adjustable mounting angle.

Features and benefits

  • Cutting to length and cutting the back of the glazing bead legs are carried out in a single operation
  • Tool clamping and saw feed are operated using a pneumatic foot pedal
  • Maximum profile height 50 mm and maximum profile width 50 mm
  • Machine is supplied ready for use with accessories