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Schüco Solskyddssystem AB ZDS i Schüco Fönstersystem AWS

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External, integrated textile sun shading with a high level of wind stability

Fully integrated in Schüco AWS window systems, the external, textile Schüco AB ZDS sun shading (Aluminium Blind Zip Design Screen) offers convenient shading solutions to considerably reduce solar heat gain in buildings on sunny days.

Thanks to the high level of transparency, the link to the outside world is retained for the user (depending on the chosen textile and fabric openness coefficient) even when the sun shading is fully closed. It also performs reliably on days with high wind loads: the profile-integrated, lateral track guide of the extremely weather and wind-resistant system prevents the blind from being pulled out of the guide.

An additional plus point is that the sun shading with zip guide has a smooth fabric appearance, creating a homogenous look.

In order to meet a wide range of requirements in terms of architectural building design, the sun shading blinds are available in different designs – this guarantees optimum integration in the façade design of the building.

Awards & Certifications

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Planning benefit

  • System integration in Schüco Window Systems AWS
  • High wind stability
  • Excellent views to the outside with a high level of transparency depending on the chosen textile and fabric openness coefficient
  • Weather-resistant, low-flammability textiles (class B1)
  • Slim and modern guide track design
  • Detection of obstacles when blinds are raised and lowered
  • Large-format solutions for fixed lights and ribbon windows can be created


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