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Balcony extensions with aluminium or steel-reinforced concrete floor panels are the economical option for new-build installations or retrofits. They are supported at the front by supports, whilst brackets are used on the wall side to connect them with the

With aluminium stacked balconies, the G 48 balustrade system can be easily connected to the rim beam using T-cleats. The inclusion of lateral screening and flower boxes is also straightforward.

Fabrication benefits

  • Economical alternative
  • Their later addition is straightforward
  • Increase in property value
  • Better quality of life - greater living and rental value
  • Numerous design options with any floor plan and a variety of system additions
  • Up to five storeys can placed one above the other
  • Choice of round or rectangular supports or supports with a steel look
  • Floor coverings with concrete slabs in a range of different colours


Technical information