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Schüco add-on balconies are a cost-effective and attractive option both for new buildings and for retrofitting in existing buildings.

The free-standing balcony construction for retrofitting stands on four supports in front of the façade and is anchored to the building structure using sliding anchors. Once installed, the addition of decorative accessories, such as lateral wind protection

Fabrication benefits

  • Numerous design options with any floor plan and a variety of system additions
  • Up to five storeys can placed one above the other
  • Choice of round or rectangular supports or supports with a steel look
  • Floor coverings with concrete slabs in a range of different colours
  • Can be combined with balustrade and roofing systems, as well as with Schüco Lumon balcony glazing
  • Extreme weather-resistance and lasting value owing to coated aluminium


Technical information