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Window handles meet the highest requirements in terms of functionality and design. They are a focal point and form the link between the building unit and the person. This makes it all the more appealing to have a handle that blends in visually and feels comfortable to hold. The locking design provides burglar resistance and a feeling of security.

Panorama Design Handle

The clear, attractive design combines ease of use and a high standard of quality. The handle connection without rosettes reinforces the clean lines.

The design handle has been specially developed for the Panorama Design window. However, it can also be installed in other window systems and complements any aesthetic. It is available in the following designs: EV1/C0, black, white (DB 9016) and stainless steel look. It is guaranteed to be compatible with the AWS modular system.

The handle design without rosettes also has a lockable design for burglar resistance. A Panorama Design push-in gearbox with increased handle spacing has been developed for optimum handle operation. This new design push-in gearbox also ensures easy operation of windows as a façade insert unit or when installed flush with the wall.

SmartActive Handle

Hygiene requirements continue to rise, especially in areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries and public buildings. Multi-resistant germs which no longer respond to treatment with conventional medication are particularly problematic here. Schüco has addressed this challenge with the development of a range of window handles with an antimicrobial surface finish. Schüco SmartActive can be used on window handles as a primary contact surface. The antimicrobial effect is achieved by means of the high-purity microsilver particles incorporated in the surface finish. Germs that come into contact with the surface finish die off, so that their further proliferation is effectively prevented. The microsilver used by Schüco is guaranteed to be free of nano particles and therefore cannot penetrate human skin.

The handle is fully compatible with the AWS modular system and is also available as a lockable version. 

Lockable Handles

Feeling safe and secure at home and at work is one of the most important things in life. Lockable handles can provide additional security through increased burglar resistance. If a window handle is locked, for example, the fitting is blocked or the handle operation is overridden. This makes it difficult for burglars to operate the handle from the outside after breaking the glass and stops them from breaking in quickly.

However, lockable handles are not just suitable for adding additional burglar resistance, they also provide child locks. Shorter handles are even available for this, making it harder for small children to easily reach them. A lockable handle can be retrofitted without great effort.