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Schüco OpenSilent

Sound reduction window for natural ventilation while reducing noise from outside

Urban life and work are routine for many people. Sound reduction has an important part to play here since urban noise can not only be bothersome, but it can also impact on our physical and mental health. The dilemma never ends: is it better to keep the window shut to keep the noise down? Or to tolerate the noise to ventilate the room?

OpenSilent solves this headache: The Schüco sound reduction solutions enable natural ventilation with the window open, while reducing noise pollution from outside. In addition to a single-skin system solution, the range also includes a variety of project solutions, custom composite windows and box windows that satisfy these requirements.

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Single-skin system: AWS 90 AC.SI
Key benefits:
Natural ventilation with simultaneous sound reduction
Live and work healthier
Soundproofing up to 40 dB when open
Excellent thermal insulation
Wide range of individual sound reduction solutions

Did you know?

Sound reduction windows with a quiet ventilation function have their origins in Hamburg. Referred to here as HafenCity windows, the windows systems are used in office and residential buildings in the bustling Hanseatic city.

Reduced noise even if the windows are open: The air comes in, the noise remains outside.

Particularly for residential and office buildings in noise-polluted environments, such as city centres and areas close to airports or along roads with heavy traffic, the building façade requires a good level of sound reduction. Sound reduction windows play a key part in keeping the noise out of living and work spaces. The Schüco OpenSilent sound reduction solutions not only reduce sound with the window closed, but also ventilate the room without unwanted noise, allowing you to live and work in peace.

For example, when open, the AWS 90 AC.SI reduces sound by 31 to 34 dB, which corresponds to sound reduction class 2. When closed, the window even achieves sound reduction class 5, i.e. a reduction of up to 47 dB. With our box window solutions, the reduction is even higher. OpenSilent solutions therefore provide all-round user comfort and, where required, will also meet stringent sound reduction requirements.

Experience the Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI in action in just one click.


Home office




External appearance


External appearance


Living room

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New OpenSilent window system in the range Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI

The Schüco OpenSilent AWS 90 AC.SI window system is a new system solution for reducing noise while providing ventilation.

In the tilt position, this single-skin window solution has the outdoor air flow in through pre-assembled ventilation cassettes inserted in the upper outer frame. This significantly reduces the noise levels. This results in sound reduction of up to 34 dB while providing natural ventilation. Moreover, the acoustic window offers optimised thermal insulation with thermal transmission of 1.2 W/(m²K), with a face width of just 117 mm. In comparison with the production of a standard window, the Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI requires just a few extra working steps, and the system can be easily combined with fixed lights.

Quiet, please! Why sound reduction matters

Whether it is the loud droan of a landing plane, the rumble of engines from passing road traffic or the constant rattling of train tracks, ambient noise can be made up of a wide range of noise sources. The effects of noise should not be underestimated, in particular for home and office routines. For instance, guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) warn that ambient noise negatively impacts on a person's quality of life, their general sense of well-being and their mental and physical health. However, the need for housing in integrated urban locations is growing and, as the volume of traffic increases, so too does urban noise pollution. As a result, there is an ever more apparent need to find better ways to reduce sound when planning new buildings in urban spaces. A synergy of sound-reducing measures in the building is needed in order to prevent the impacts of noise pollution on our health.

"Darling of the construction industry" ARCHITECTS‘ DARLING® Award

In a survey of more than 2000 architects and developers, the Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI sound reduction window impressed across the board. The system took bronze in the category "Best product innovation – Finishing" at the ARCHITECTS‘ DARLING® Award ceremony.

Sound reduction classes for windows

To assess and categorise sound reduction windows and their noise-reducing performance, the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) defines a total of six different sound reduction classes. The higher sound reduction class, the better sound reduction.

Conventional sound reduction windows only reduce ambient noise when closed. Meanwhile, even in the tilt position, Schüco OpenSilent solutions achieve a level of sound reduction that corresponds to sound reduction class 2 and thus to that of a typical insulating-glass window when closed. When closed, the Schüco sound reduction windows can even achieve class 5 sound reduction and are therefore also suitable for very loud environments.

Sound reduction class

Volume of trafficDistance between the building and the road (in metres)Sound reduction (in decibels)


Residential street (10-50 cars per hour)

More than 35m

30-34 dB


Residential street (10-50 cars per hour)


30-34 dB


Large residential street (50-200 cars per hour)


35-39 dB


Main road (1.000-3.000 cars per hour)


40-44 dB


Main road (1.000-3.000 cars per hour)


45-49 dB


Motorway (3.000-5-000 cars per hour)

Less than 100m

> 50 dB