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Isomat 4

Isomat 4

Isomat 4

For rolling the Schüco AWS and Schüco ADS system profile as well as special profiles and V8 components together with the insulating bars and for rolling down the angles on various profiles from the Schüco facade and skylight constructions.

Technical Data:

Operating speed:

45 m/min

Monitoring speed:

15 m/min

Adjustment of rollers:


PFA Profile Taping Machine



The profile taping machine can be used to apply a protective tape on all profiles with two parallel surfaces. It is also possible to apply the tape on a third side, at a right angle to the other two sides, in a single operation.

Technical Data:

Total length:

10600 mm


1150 mm


1400 mm

Feed-in track:

4000 mm

Take-off track:

5000 mm

Rolling Machine

Rolling Machine

Rolling Machine

This hand-operated apparatus is used to roll the angles on certain mullion and transom profiles, cover caps and insert profiles.

Features and fittings:

  • Manual option
  • Adjustable distance between centres max. 400 mm
  • Profile width max. 210 mm
  • Top roller max. Ø 250 mm
  • Pressure rollers for specific profiles
  • Guide rollers for specific profiles
  • Profile height can be infinitely adjusted using a spindle


We reserve the right to make changes to dimensions and designs in the interests of technical progress.
Illustrations may differ from the original and/or contain options which would incur an additional charge.