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As technically and architecturally versatile systems, Schüco mullion/transom façade systems have stood the test of time for years all around the world. Their tested and approved system components are a guarantee for future-proof building concepts.

Schüco unitised façades feature very cost-effective fabrication and installation. They can be uniquely tailored to the project using either a variable modular system with tested components or using a fully tested, highly flexible system solution.

Large vertical façades and skylights on steel and timber substructures can be realised with the Schüco AOC add-on construction. The stylish combination of aluminium and steel or timber in the load-bearing structure offers both structural and architectural benefits.


Façades and skylights

Today, modern, sustainable architecture is about much more than maximum energy efficiency through the best possible U values. Contemporary aluminium façade systems also feature a slimline appearance, high-quality design and the perfect integration of functional units combined with optimum performance, for example, for insert units. Schüco architects and planners develop innovative designs, allowing them to deliver tested and approved systems as well as unique solutions tailored to individual projects.

Standard façades

Internationally tried-and-tested: Schüco standard façade systems combine design freedom with optimum performance properties with regard to energy efficiency, automation and security. Innovative production and installation solutions ensure that the work of fabricators is time- and cost-efficient and offer proven system reliability.

Design façades

When form meets function: design façades combine almost completely frameless transparency with optimum performance values. These façade systems feature minimal face widths for both the classic curtain walling and the floor-to-ceiling ribbon windows. Even opening units can be concealed.

BR_SCH_ASS 70 FD HD 201007 closed
All-glass façades

New dimensions of design freedom: the building envelope has a decisive impact on the character of a building. The ability to make new architectural statements here creates a desire for systems without visible mechanical fixings for the insert units. Thanks to special glazing technology, no pressure plates or cover caps are necessary for structural glazing façades. This gives the façade a particularly harmonious overall appearance, with only the butt joint still visible from the outside.

Unitised façades

Efficiency and comfort are the answer to increasing urbanisation. The growing pressure to be more efficient while also meeting increasing requirements in terms of the quality of the building work has had a strong influence over the construction of curtain walling in recent years. The creation of value is increasingly being moved from the building site to the production hall. Thanks to a high level of prefabrication, unitised façades offer considerable benefits, as they help to meet construction deadlines, ensure excellent quality and lower overall costs.

Add-on constructions

Multifaceted thanks to maximum design freedom: add-on constructions on steel or timber substructures unite energy-efficient construction with time-saving fabrication and installation. They permit technically and architecturally impressive solutions with a distinctive appearance, whether as an aesthetically pleasing combination of aluminium and timber or with slender load-bearing structures made of steel.

Commercial project business

Tailor-made and project-specific: technical requirements or design options that go beyond the system business are handled by the project business. The system platform for the unitised façades offers tested assemblies which have been individually adapted for the project business and which therefore reduce the amount of work required for planning and testing.