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Schüco AWS optimized window system: ideally equipped for the requirements of sustainable passive houses

The highly thermally insulated Schüco AWS 90.SI+ optimized (Super Insulated) window system for the 90 mm basic depth is part of the Schüco AWS system platform and enables the highest energy efficiency, architectural and structural requirements to be fulfilled through its future-oriented, optimised U values.

The window system has been passive house-certified from an external face width of 117 mm by the PHI Darmstadt.

Thanks to newly developed thermal insulation technology, our optimised systems achieve a high level of energy efficiency. This significantly improves the thermal performance values in comparison to the AWS standard system.

AWS 90.SI+ optimized is a comprehensive, high-performance vent and frame system with numerous solutions for an energy-efficient and sustainable building envelope.

Design Awards

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Fabrication benefits

  • Passive house certification is possible for external face widths from 117 mm
  • More applications thanks to improved U values and passive house certification through new, optimised insulating bars, a thermally insulated centre gasket and optimised glazing rebate insulation.
  • Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart fitting ensures efficient fabrication: flexible, simple and intuitive
  • Vent parts are self-positioning and installed without tools
  • Fittings installation without locking bar recess on the vent facilitates faster fabrication as well as simplified, efficient locking bar preparation
  • Symmetrical cavity-fitted gearbox can be used on the right and left-hand side; simplified cutting of the locking bar and reduced storage requirements
  • Rebate gasket optimised for fabrication with optional corner piece


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