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Materials for contemporary architecture that lasts


... is light, solid, easy to maintain, corrosion-resistant and therefore the perfect material for creative and contemporary architecture. Aluminium is so versatile that, in addition to the construction industry, it is also used in car and aerospace construction as well as the packaging industry. 

Aluminium is fundamentally an essential material wherever lightness and durability are both needed. The material allows clients and architects virtually unlimited design options, both in the construction of the window and its colour choice. With aluminium, durable windows, doors, sliding doors and façades with high thermal insulation can be fabricated, as thermally broken inner and outer shells are used which are fixed to insulating bars. Aluminium windows have high joint weathertightness, as the frames are very dimensionally stable and only top-quality sealing materials are used. Furthermore, aluminium is 100% recyclable and therefore a continuously reusable material. Old windows and doors are fed back into the A/U/F recycling system (Aluminium und Umwelt im Fenster- und Fassadenbau – Aluminium and the Environment in Window and Façade Construction). By separating out the materials, then shredding and melting the valuable aluminium, it is ensured that new aluminium profiles are made from the old material.