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Highly secure, lightweight and stylish – Schüco security systems offer effective protection against criminal and terrorist threats as well as the effects of industrial accidents.

We offer a variety of tested and certified doors, windows and façades as well as many other security systems. With burglar-resistant system solutions from Schüco, reliable and comprehensive security up to resistance class RC 5 can be achieved.

Structural stability and mass are needed to ensure reliable protection against this threat. Our systems meet bullet resistance requirements up to class FB 7 in accordance with EN 1522 and EN 1523.


Enjoy comprehensive protection everywhere

The next step from security is high security

Our systems are installed where there is a particular danger to people and property. They therefore offer maximum protection. We made it our task to develop perfect solutions which offer the highest degree of security, functionality and customisation. As early as the planning process, our engineers work hand in hand with architects, planners and building operators. We offer advice and support during planning to ensure that high security is integrated in the right areas of the building.

Completely secure

Theory and experience alone are not enough to ensure maximum security. This is why all our systems are certified in accordance with major international standards by accredited test institutions.

Good advice 

Experienced Schüco experts support fabricators in expanding their range of skills and services and opening up new markets – so that fabricating security constructions and offering high-security constructions becomes part of day-to-day business.

The right solution

We design and develop security solutions for people and buildings across all products and offer the right solution for a wide range of applications and security requirements.

The right combination

The compatibility of the Schüco systems allows elegant and smooth transitions between the security and standard areas. This means even high-security constructions can be invisibly integrated as needed.

Optimum security with fantastic features

Enjoy comprehensive protection. We develop stylish security systems which undergo multiple tests and are certified to the highest security requirements, ensuring protection against burglary, explosions and shock waves.

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