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The complete documentation in one central platform

In the Docu Center, all product information is available digitally in the latest version at any time. From order and production catalogues, test documents and safety data sheets to architect information, such as CAD data or tender texts, to instructions, brochures and videos.

In addition, the Docu Center provides the central source of information for:

Whether design planning or production - the Docu Center holds the relevant information for your work processes. The quick findability and secure access to the latest data version saves time and avoids errors. The online catalogue effectively supports the work in the metal construction workshop with assembly videos and product information.

Safe and up to date

No time-consuming searches, no outdated information: retrieve the latest data at any time in the Docu Center. There is a suitable app for every application, whether on the construction site, in the office or in the workshop.

Helpful interfaces

The Docu Center is the central information point for all phases of the construction process. Can be used in conjunction with the Fabrication Data Center (FDC), the SchüCal calculation software and Schüco Internet of Facades (IoF) applications.

CAD library

A CAD library integrated into the different system groups allows quick access to the right CAD drawings. The documents can be downloaded as DWG or PDF files and shared with project participants.

Specification texts

Simply download tender texts for the various Schüco systems in the Docu Center.


Usable free of charge

The Docu Center with all its functions is available to registered users free of charge.


Good to know

The Docu Center is available in web, mobile (app) and local (without internet connection) versions.

If you have any questions or suggestions, the Docu Center team will assist you with telephone support.