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Private home in Paderborn

The architect of this remarkably transparent family home in the district of Paderborn, Germany, deliberately created contrasts between open and closed surfaces, and smooth light and textured dark materials. Generously glazed and highly thermally insulated PVC-U window and sliding door systems from Schüco made it possible to achieve a uniform façade appearance, individual functionality and high, long-term protection from draughts, cold, moisture and noise.


Situated on a wedge-shaped plot on a hillside, the property has a rather special topographic position. The aim of the design by Adomako Architekten was to develop a house with two storeys that blended in harmoniously with the landscape while also creating a striking yet discreet accent within the surroundings, taking into account the local building regulations. With these planning parameters in mind, a building was developed which flows out from the hillside so that the roof terrace of the upper storey continues along at the height of the hill and encloses the residential volume. Resurfacing in the building structure once again is the architect's philosophy of always creating a lively interplay between covered and open areas, making use of the natural form of the building without having to add anything extra.


Flexible division of the usage zones

In terms of the construction, the building is a solid structure made from sand-lime brick masonry with a forward-mounted composite thermal insulation system. The façade is composed of dark clinker brick and white plastered areas, broken up by large, storey-height window and sliding door systems. The floor plans of the two storeys can be utilised both as connected or separate entities, which provides the clients with maximum flexibility for the future. The living and sleeping areas are on the side facing towards the hill and away from the road, ensuring a peaceful, private environment.


Light as a key design feature

“In good architecture, the natural light shines a path through the building, leading the way for residents and visitors alike,” believes Joseph Cornelius Adomako. The design philosophy of the architectural practice has been implemented in this building by creating a special feature of the two-storey entrance area, where large windows were used to create a naturally light and airy space. From there, visitors are led via a staircase into a somewhat darker corridor with slanted walls, where the path and your view to the outside are drawn through to the living area which is flooded with light. Access to the private quarters (bedrooms and bathroom) deliberately recede into the background. The generous garage has large glass panes facing the courtyard and garden area, to allow the clients to see their collection of classic cars and to open up the otherwise very enclosed courtyard.

Holistic solution with Schüco PVC-U systems

The aim of optimising the space and creating more natural light, more transparency and better views was achieved through the use of windows, fixed glazing and vent and sliding door systems for a uniform appearance and to meet user requirements. In this regard, Schüco window and sliding door systems delivered both the design flexibility and the consistent, slimline look. Using the system families, it was possible to easily design storey-height units measuring up to 5200 mm wide with triple-glazing throughout. 

The architect puts the success of the building project and the mutual satisfaction with how the project went and the final result down to specialist knowledge as well as early coordination and a trusting relationship: “It was hugely advantageous for us that the client had looked at our previous projects and identified with our style of transparency and use of contrasting materials in the façade,” explains Adomako. In addition, the clients' high level of technical expertise proved to be decisive in the selection of Schüco system technology. Adomako. In addition, the clients' high level of technical expertise proved to be decisive in the selection of Schüco system technology.


Type of building: Private home in Paderborn

Location: Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia

Architects: Adomako Architekten

Specialist company: Bode Kunststoffbau GmbH

Completion: 2018

Picture credits: © Jochen Helle

Private home in Paderborn