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The material Aluminium

Aluminium is the material and resource of the future

Low weight, highly malleable and at the same time very strong, it is corrosion and weather-resistant and allows versatility in design – these are just a few of the impressive characteristics of aluminium. This applies particularly in respect of our environment. Aluminium can be easily recycled an unlimited number of times. Its original quality characteristics are retained during the process, which consumes just 5 % of the energy which would be required to produce primary aluminium. Approximately 75 % of aluminium produced worldwide is still in use today.

Aluminium and the environment
Efficient handling of available resources, protection of the environment and the avoidance of environmental damage are important parts of day-to-day business at Schüco Alu Competence. For example, 100 % of aluminium waste is recycled. Environmental considerations are also very important at our own anodising plant. The new ultra-modern water treatment system underlines the responsibility the company has
towards the environment.

Benefits of aluminium
Its excellent malleability opens up considerable design freedom, which is further supported by the many different surface finish options. Elegant, slimline profiles can also be used for large-scale formats.

Aluminium at the glance

Low wheight

The low material density is what makes aluminium so light.

Good malleability

Excellent material properties enable an endless number of designs.

Corrosion and weather-resistant

Weathering resistance is a given.

A wealth of surface treatment possibilities

Anodising, galvanising, powder coating or wet painting

Flexible product design

Stylish, application-based product design

Aluminium and the environment

Outstanding recycling properties

The original quality characteristics are retained in the recycling process.

Conservation of resources

75 % of all aluminium ever produced is still in use.

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