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Fabrication management for greater efficiency – with SchüCal MES

SchüCal MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a system for efficient fabrication management. On the basis of all the upcoming production orders, SchüCal MES optimises and prepares the fabrication information throughout the entire fabrication chain. This means the relevant information on how to carry out the individual fabrication steps is provided digitally, at the right time and at the right workstation.

What are the benefits of SchüCal MES?

Fabrication management with SchüCal MES creates process transparency. This increases the quality and reduces the production time. As the perfect add-on to the Schüco Fabrication Data Center, SchüCal MES creates a guided production process. At the same time, process knowledge is documented digitally. For example, fabrication times and progress at other workstations can be displayed using SchüCal Wallboards. This creates transparency throughout the workshop and a high degree of acceptance from the executive management.

The product is easy to use. Even new employees can therefore quickly get to grips with using MES in the production process. SchüCal MES enables paperless fabrication without any laborious searching for the required information.

"The task of production control is to steer the production based on planning, to minimize machine idle times and to increase order fulfillment speed. This results in many advantages. Higher production capacity and increased delivery capability are just two of them."

Linas Litvinas, Product Manager Schüco Digital

How exactly does fabrication management with SchüCal MES work?

The fabrication data for the production process is taken from the Schüco calculation software SchüCal. The data calculated there is processed in SchüCal MES and made available to users in the workshop via the Fabrication Data Center. Push processes are used to take the orders digitally through production – without any paper at all.

The required Factory Production Control (FPC) checks are scheduled and the CE marking is issued in the form of reports. Throughout the production process, the flow of profiles and assembled parts is monitored and any disruptions are recorded. Communication between employees is supported by a messenger tool. Unforeseen disruptions can therefore be communicated quickly. The integrated catalogue system allows users to quickly access Schüco Docu Center if any further information is required.

What are the prerequisites for using SchüCal MES?

In order to use SchüCal MES, the Schüco calculation software SchüCal is required. The required fabrication data from is provided from the software.

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