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Gasket Cutting Machine GP 100

Better than by eye, every single time.

The gasket cutting machine GP 100 by Schüco is the compact cutting device for an efficient and process reliable cut to length and preparation of the centre gaskets. 


Perfect tightness with simple steps. Achieve the perfect centre gasket with the GP 100: precisely calculated and cut to the exact length required. The up to now entirely manual cutting process of the centre gasket is optimised by automatic preparation. This means process reliability and high product quality for window assembly.

The GP 100 at a glance:

  • Automates the cutting of assembly-optimised Schüco gaskets
  • Enables rational and high-quality gasket processing
  • 90° cutting angle possible
  • Manual feeding of the seal and removal of the generated cuts
  • Automatic transport, measurement and cutting to length of the gaskets 
  • Fabrication and installation times are reduced to a minimum 


"When it comes to processing gaskets, manufacturing quality and process reliability are essential for customer satisfaction. The GP 100 ensures both.“

Thorsten Ongsiek, Project Leader Fabrication Products

The advantages of GP 100:

  • Enables rational and high-quality gasket processing
  • Ensures product quality and reduces the production complaint rate through increased process reliability
  • Accelerates and simplifies material handling
  • The length calculation is practical and efficient in SchüCal
  • Data transfer takes place via QR code wirelessly and manually via the machine terminal

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You can experience the GP 100 and many other machines live in the new Welcome Forum in Bielefeld. It's best to make an appointment right away!