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Fabrication Data Center

Info terminal for paperless production

The Fabrication Data Center is the ideal support for your fabrication. With the hardware and software package, you use a smart tool that brings all production-relevant information directly to where you need it - the workshop. This creates safety, saves time and increases production quality.

The Fabrication Data Center is based on a version of SchüCal optimised for the workshop and is thus adapted to the machining processes. Production-relevant documents such as role plans or parts lists are provided. User-defined CAD designs can be called up immediately with the pre-installed DWG viewer.

"We have both the FDC and the FDC mobile in use and thus increase process reliability immensely. Up-to-date stands, safety in production and the linking of machines and software help the female employees in the workshop enormously."

Udo Brügge
Design engineer - Ventker Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG

Your quick way to Schüco profiles and accessories
Paperless and always up to date

Element information, drawings or production lists are available directly at the workstations.

Helpful interfaces

Thanks to the integrated workshop mode of the SchüCal software, production positions can be found directly and associated details can be looked up with just one click in the Docu Center . The Fabrication Data Center can also be used as equipment for the new SchüCal MES.

Reliable fabrication

The barcode scanner ensures error-free assignment of the element profiles and the 3D mode creates additional safety during processing.

Simplified fittings installation

The integrated locking bar software in the FDC can control the LA 10 directly and simplifies the processing of the Schüco Simply Smart fitting.


From € 82 per month

The Fabrication Data Center is available in two variants:

Up-to-date mini PC, SSD hard disk, workshop-compatible 27'' touch screen // from 82 €/month

Up-to-date mini PC, SSD hard disk, workshop-compatible 43'' touch screen // from 104 €/month


Good to know

To be able to use the advantages of the Fabrication Data Center everywhere, there is the FDC mobile. A robust tablet that makes information available from the warehouse to the construction site.