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High security façade with high design standards

The S1es-50 series has been tested and certified for burglar resistance (up to RC 4) and bullet resistance (up to FB4-NS) at accredited test institutes in accordance with the relevant standards.

The resistance classes (burglar resistance and bullet resistance) can be combined with one another flexibly without any visual difference.

Mullion/transom construction for multi-storey façades with an inner and outer face width of 50 mm; also available as a sloped roof construction, skylight or an add-on construction.

Despite the high security, the S1es-50 series stands for modern design and maximum design freedom. The narrow face widths allow for use on architecturally challenging building projects for government institutions, industrial buildings, banks as well as private residential projects.

Aluminium and stainless steel cover caps.

Can be combined with all products in the SÄLZER® SYSTEM (doors, windows etc.). This guarantees complete burglar and bullet resistance up to the highest resistance classes.

The S1es-50 series can be combined seamlessly with the Schüco FWS 50 series for graduated security requirements within a building.

Large module widths and heights for maximum light penetration thanks to profiles developed specifically to accommodate large glass sizes and loads.

Just like any other façade, the design meets all the requirements in terms of building physics, e.g. thermal insulation, sound reduction and weathertightness, and is visually indistinguishable from standard façades.

Planning benefit

  • The mullion/transom construction has been tested on both sides in accordance with DIN 1627-1630 (burglar resistance and break-out resistance) and also tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1522-1523 (bullet resistance)
  • Natural glazing rebate ventilation and controlled drainage as no bonding is required for the glass
  • A large range of cover caps, pressure plates and mullion options likewise coordinated with the Schüco FWS 50 range
  • The S1es-50 series can be combined seamlessly with the Schüco FWS 50 series for graduated security requirements in the building envelope
  • System approval in accordance with DIN EN 13830


Technical information