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SimplySmart Add-Ons

Small but smart!

Fittings are an important part of a window. Without them, window units wouldn't even be able to move. Whether it's tilting, swinging or revolving, these small components really do "open a window". But fittings can do so much more.

SimplySmart Add-Ons are small but incredibly smart aids for solving everyday problems and challenges. They offer that something extra when it comes to security and comfort – all while being completely concealed.

Secure and comfortable ventilation

A bonus for any window

Regular ventilation of rooms is essential – both for the benefit of the room itself and the people that live in it. Whether it's in a home or an office, a window should be opened regularly. But we've all been there before – you open the window to get the air flowing, only for it to slam shut again when a strong wind suddenly comes along. Sometimes we want to limit a window's movement. This is where our SimplySmart Add-Ons come into play, permitting comfortable and secure ventilation.

Practical solutions

Fittings for everyday life

The following SimplySmart Add-Ons are ideal for providing secure and convenient ventilation with Schüco windows:
Limiting stay
Vent brake
Crack ventilation
Crack ventilation fitting

Secure and comfortable operation

A bonus for any window

A window is not just a window. It has to meet different requirements and also be suitable for flexible use. A disability can often mean that it's not possible to apply the force necessary to use a window. And in turn, if a window opens too easily, children might be put at risk. These and many other challenges can be easily overcome with the right SimplySmart Add-Ons.

Practical solutions

Fittings for everyday life

The following SimplySmart Add-Ons are ideal for operating Schüco windows safely and conveniently:
Spring-loaded unit
Cord ejector
Tilt-before-turn handle
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