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Green façades for sustainable cities. Burglar resistance even while the window is tilted open Sliding systems that are also highly weathertight under extreme conditions. Three-dimensional façade constructions that are easy to incorporate with maximum design freedom. With our product innovations, we provide answers to the latest trends and topics.

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"We use the feedback from our customers as the basis for developing i.NNOVATIONNOW. Our new video formats enable us to explain our products even faster and more simply.“

Andreas Engelhardt, CEO and Managing Partner

In a nutshell: Short videos about new products

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Is there space for green areas in the city? Yes, on any building!

A vertical green façade improves the urban climate, promotes an attractive townscape, protects building structures and increases the quality of life for those individuals in the building and for even more people in the surrounding area. As a project-specific solution for providing greenery, Schüco AF UDC 80 Green Façade offers many design benefits for your project. The best part is that it not only looks good, it's also sustainable.

Schüco AF UDC 80 Green Façade

Can a three-dimensional façade be an uncomplicated construction? Yes, with the right plug & play modular system.

Schüco Grid2Shell offers maximum design freedom and simplified planning. The self-supporting aluminium/glass construction can be used as a curtain wall or skylight, depending on the project.

Schüco Grid2Shell

Can open windows be secure? Yes, even to RC 2!

The Schüco SimplySmart OpenSecure fitting can be used easily in Schüco aluminium windows, thereby offering even more security. Plan your fittings at the same time. For windows on the ground floor or other easily accessible rooms that also need to be RC 2 burglar-resistant in the tilt position – even with an opening width of up to 175 mm. Particularly suitable for night-time cooling for the project and childproof thanks to its tilt-before-turn operation.

Schüco SimplySmart OpenSecure

Can a sliding door can be as weathertight as it gets? Yes, with the right technology.

The active, pneumatic seal technology in Schüco AS AL 75 allows for large-scale sliding units and remains absolutely weathertight even in extreme conditions. The membrane-like character delivers a decisive advantage with interactive wind loads. Even building settlement cannot affect the system.

Schüco AS AL 75

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