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Slimline steel profile system for large-scale and multi-functional smoke doors

The Jansen Economy 60 RS complete system for single and double-leaf steel door systems in 60 mm basic depth is particularly well suited to the construction of large and heavy smoke doors in accordance with DIN 18095.

Slender profile face widths and a continuous shadow gap lend even doors with large dimensions elegance and lightness.

Planning benefit

  • High mechanical stability and durability for doors in public areas
  • Wide variety of infill units
  • Extensive range of fittings, locks and accessories
  • Slimline door construction with continuous shadow gap inside and outside
  • Concealed hinges, door closers and drivers ensure a harmonious appearance
  • Comprehensive sound reduction expert report
  • System compatibility with the Jansen Economy 50 RS smoke protection series and the Janisol 2 EI30 and Janisol C4 EI60/EI90 fire protection series



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