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Screening solar shading - Sun? But only as much as you want.

The topic of solar shading is also gaining increasing importance. Too much incoming heat and light can also disturb your well-being and in some cases can even lead to increased costs for air conditioning. You should therefore consider the installation of a solar shading system at the planning stage. Schüco offers you a range of suitable solutions which can be combined with almost all window systems. The components feature an attractive design as well as high usage value.

Focus on design? Schüco recommends sliding louvres!

In addition to classic roller shutters, which, above all are renowned for their functionality and security features, Schüco offers the design-oriented client an interesting alternative: Sliding louvres allow you to achieve the same useability effect and add an additional attractive design element to the façade of your house. The sliding shutters have an architecturally sophisticated style and are easy to operate. The complete unit slides parallel to the window and can therefore be adjusted - mechanically or fully automatically - to the position of the sun. There is a whole range of colours to suit your individual design.

To learn more - also about further sun protection systems - contact a Schüco partner near you.