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Solar-powered regenerative heating system

Tailored to all requirements and maximum outputs
The modular system for regenerative heating systems from Schüco offers the maximum proportion of renewable energy and maximum efficiency for every building. You need only one system for existing buildings, modernised buildings and newbuilds. Thanks to the perfectly tailored components, the system is highly flexible in its use and can be further extended at any time. The individual components can therefore always be individually configured to the relevant requirements of the customer and building. It goes without saying that other heat generating devices, such as a stove with a water jacket, can be easily integrated into the Schüco solution.

One system for all applications
The Schüco regenerative heating system adapts to customer requirements, not the other way round. It offers a total of four different application options. It is possible to use a:

  • Hybrid heat pump
  • Hybrid heat pump with existing boiler
  • Solar energy centre, or
  • Split air/water heat pump

The system can be extended at any time to spread the investment costs. An existing building can be fitted with a solar energy centre for auxiliary heating as a first stage, then extended to a hybrid system as a second stage.

The five components of the system

The regenerative heating system (RHS) consists of five modules, which can be easily combined to make different complete systems. It can be individually configured to the size of the building, the budget and required level of energy efficiency.

Configuration as a hybrid heat pump

The solution for existing buildings with maximum use of renewable energy.


Configuration as a solar energy centre

The solution for every project – from existing buildings to newbuild.


Configuration as a split air/water heat pump plus solar

The future-proof solution for modern buildings and newbuilds.